Somu and Rio

Somu GRio

First Pub lis h ed Nave mber 2008,

This heck is a result of Representation Technique's StudloWork of Visual Communication Programme toriducted at IDC, liT" S, Mum bal. The we rk is part of a big learn ing pro res s.

All characters. n ames and Jocatlo ns in til e story are fkti ous, However.S om u an 0 Rio, both C3n be found in our d~i Iy lives.

Special Th an ks to my Gu ide for toleratln ~ me, Kunal in developing characters. Shrutl for wi,ki-lnDesign helps and Tej for text en han ce m e nt and to all my classm ates fo r ins piri ng me through their we rk,

Saurahh Tewari VC Junior


liT -8, Mumbai 400076 www.ide.iito.a(.in

Any part of th is boo k may be repro duced in any form without the p rio r written pe rrnlss ion of the author an d pu h lis her far ed ucatlon a I and non-co rnrneriral use. However, author an d publisher would like to be informed"

Story o-lllustration Saurabh Tewari

saurab htewari@iitb,ac"in

Guide Prof. Nina Sabnani



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Though he, hesitated, Somu still ran towards the Garden and sta rted searchi ng.

After all the effort he found IT.

He randomly answered to his parents' questions about the food and the Playstation. He was preoccupied with thoughts of his new found friend.

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