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Robert Panasuk

Dr. Werner
10 Feb 2016

Trump or Trash

Robert Panasuk
February 10, 2016 5:45 PM
People enjoy Donald Trump because of his intense nationalistic approach to American politics.
He embodies what some people want: an unapologetic leader who says exactly whats on his
mind. However, people who support Trump do not look deeper into his approach; as the
representative of the United States, the president cannot be unapologetic or speak before he
thinks. Trump has offended so many people in the United States alone so far in his campaign.
Imagine Trump insulting not only the country he LEADS, but the entire world. Trump sounds
great on paper and as a temporary option not as a permanent serious leader of the free world.
Donald Trump is a demagogue,
who in one of the recent debates
said he would take drastic
measures to get done, what
needed to be done. Such as
waterboarding someone, a
torture technique which has been
banned for quite some time. Now
this isnt saying that Trump could
be the next Hitler as some
suggest, but he is in turn a bully
with the rhetoric he performs.

His speeches have no starting or end, no shape, and discharge, and none is vital.
For the group of audience, his intense ambiguity makes him significantly more
present, for it is Trump alone who matters, the clarity of him remaining there, at
that point, encapsulating what the crowd reasons for alarm and wishes. Gloats and
fears and threatening assaults are trailed by moment

"arrangements" (about battling ISIS: "You would prefer not to comprehend what I'm going to
do") punctuated by war whoops and cries of worship from the group. Be that as it may, set aside
Trump's thoughts only for a moment. Like a decent standup comic, Trump welcomes the
gathering of people to go along with him in the enterprise of conveying his demonstrationfor
this situation, the primitively engrossing experience of running a Presidential crusade that affront
everyone. Karl Rove is "dumb." The President is "powerless." Jeb Bush is "low-vitality." But,
with his individuals from gathering of people, he is complimenting, teasing, pleasing. ("I cherish
you, as well. Hold up. I adore you.") He should realize that they are harming, that their wages are
solidified, that their youngsters' prospects are unsuitable. He realizes that they feel irate and
deserted, angry of minorities. On the off chance that he got to be President, he would not, indeed,
do a thing for them, but rather he accomplishes something nowhe brings enthusiastic
discharge, even fulfillment.
Trump takes his group of onlookers into
his certainty, incorporates it in each part
of his battleparticularly the survey
comes about, some bona fide, some
synthetic, which show up from some
source for all intents and purposes each
day. The surveys are similar to shots of
Viagra, keeping him continually good to
go. So are the consistent articulations of
endorsement that he needs. He portrays,
in blended tones of obligation and
outrage, what each hopeful and TV
anchor person has said in regards to him.
He accepts that his group is occupied
with everything about Donald Trump.

Trump hardly speaks in full sentences and avoids answers to questions in debates. In the first
round of the republican debates he completely avoided a certain question in regards to money
and answered with an opinion on the Iraq War, which was completely irrelevant.

Trump came into this election hoping to talk unscripted in order to win over the minds of the
people who claim to hate politics. He is not a politician and his rhetoric shows this. He speaks
without support of his facts, does not use any formal speech writing and based the whole
government, the people he is hoping to work for and within the upcoming four years

He said that it was time for America to start

beating these foreign countries and posed the
question asking, when has the US ever beat
Japan? Never. He disregarded the fact the
US beat Japan in WWII: rather embarrassing
for someone who claims to love the military so much.
He is often described as a buffoon who likes to
hear himself speak. Trump says things like
Mexicans are bringing crime into America in hopes
to appeal to the uneducated people, for lack of a
better way to describe it. Any person who is
semi-familiar with the way the country works and is not
racist would not approve of this statement. Trump often
speaks negatively about women in order to pull on the votes of people who over womanize
females. Trumps overall goal is talking without any type of boundaries is to target the groups of
people that are often looked down upon by politics (ex: the racists, anti-feminist, and the over
radicals). It is working for the time being, but he is aggravating the masses and offending people
from every walk of life. He is a businessman trying to use condescending and ridiculous dialogue
in a world that needs to be ran by someone with formal speech training and sensitivity to the
masses. Whether people like it or not, the country needs a politician in a political position like
president. You would not put a businessman in a doctors job just because he could balance the
hospitals budget and he said what everyone else was afraid to would you? Trump uses a radical
rhetoric with no boundaries that is not cut out for the political world

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