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Evolution of the US

By: Joshua Vannoy

Post 1865 Navy

After 1865, the Navy was still mostly a wooden hull Navy with the exception
of a few ironclad ships.

This began to change after Britain and France began to Modernize their

Rise of the Engineer Age

There was the need for men who were specifically crafted in the skills of
designing and operating steam powered engines for the new fleet ships

Engineering Program formed out of Annapolis to decrease the difference

between Line Officers and Engineers

The attempt at this failed miserably due to a low number of graduates, and
was not revitalized until later.

New Generation, New Navy

In the late 1890s, there was an increase of naval construction with the
modernizing of the fleet with new battleships

First Engagement occurred at the battle of Santiago de Cuba

They destroyed the entire Spanish Caribbean fleet

WWI Navy
During WWI, new technology helped to advance our war in Europe.
Such examples were early Torpedo Boat Destroyers (Later Destroyers),
submarines, and Naval Aircraft.

Navy of WWII
Aircraft carriers played a major part in the Pacific war against the Japanese
after Pearl Harbor.

In the Atlantic, fast Destroyers reigned supreme against the U-Boats in the
Battle of the Atlantic

A Colder Kind of War

The navy had to advance through the Cold War with new technology such as
jets, Submarine launched ICBMs, and guided missiles.

US Navy first Jet Aircraft,

the F-86 Saber

The Navys newest Carrier based

Aircraft, the F-18E Super Hornet

A Colder Kind of War

USS Kitty Hawk

Racial Tensions Boil Over

USS Hassayampa

The Navy did not allow for equal treatment between African Americans, and
their White counterparts

Riots and sit-ins occurred on the USS Kitty Hawk, Constellation, and the

Afterwards, the Navy issued a policy of racial equality and everything settled
USS Constellation

The Modern Navy

Considered the largest fleet in the world, while China is in second
In recent years, new classes of ships have been commissioned such as:

Freedom Class LCS

Independence Class LCS

Zumwalt Class Destroyer

The Modern Navy

America Class LHA

Gerald Ford Class Aircraft Carrier


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