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Capstone Technology Management Practicum

TMGT 4347 VO1

Project Proposal
City Of McAllen
Javier Galindo
Fleet Operations Manager
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with you and your
employees at fleet operations. Your assignment to me was to study work order flow
process and recommend improvements on work order efficiency and how fleet
operations could provide an invoice at the time of pick-up. I had the opportunity to
work with your two fleet operations supervisors Joe Aranda and Alejandro Ramos.
I also had the opportunity to work with two of your Service Writers Maria and
Lupe, and Mr. Rocha inventory and warehouse man, and with Nora in license plate
renewals and labor billing. I also got to spend some time with Christina and Lorrie
upstairs. I should not forget to mention Willie, your parts runner, he also does a
great job, along with your entire staff.
Engaging workplace change can be an unpredictable experience. No two
individuals will respond in exactly the same way. Changes can produce distinctly
different outcomes. Organizational change management (OCM) is a framework for
managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure
or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, OCM addresses the people
side of change management. A systematic approach to OCM is beneficial when
change requires people throughout an organization to learn new behaviors and
skills. By formally setting expectations, employing tools to improve
communication and proactively seeking ways to reduce misinformation, employees
are more likely to buy into a change initially and remain committed to the change
throughout any discomfort associated with it.
My recommendations are the following, fleet operations services all kinds of city
vehicles from all kinds of departments from police vehicles to fire trucks, to the
large garbage trucks even motorcycles. When a part is ordered from an auto parts
store, car dealer or any other source, the invoice should be referred to the work
order right away and the work order should be updated right away. Also I
recommend increasing parts cost to 25%. Computer shut downs happen often and

does not allow service writers to update invoices right away, they should get their
IT department to look at that problem and correct it right away. I also recommend
closing out orders when work is complete, this way by the time the department is
called that their vehicle is ready the invoice is also ready to be delivered to the
employee that picks up the vehicle, so that it can be turned over to their department
head. Also Mechanics should not have to record labor, their time is better spent
doing mechanical work, Nora should record labor. To avoid understock Materials
Mr. Rocha should order inventory more often. Fleet Operations does carry in stock
a good supply of the parts they use more often.
The City Of McAllens Fleet Operations is properly staffed, and with everyone
concentrating on having the invoice ready by the time a vehicle is picked up it
should be no problem.
Thank you Javier Galindo Fleet Operations Manager and Thank You Carlos
Sanchez Public Works Director and City of McAllen for giving me this great
opportunity to finish out my Bachelors Degree with you. With my 45 years of
Business and Management experience and my Bachelors Degree in Technology
and Operations Management, I plan to go back into the workforce in City
Government as City Manager or Assistant City Manager and I am willing to
relocate anywhere in the State of Texas.

Respectfully Submitted
Ricardo Gomez
TMGT 4347 VO1