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Campaign Evaluation

The intention of a campaign plan and subsequent events is to produce measureable results.

Spark Center can adequately measure the goals and objectives outlined above. This is specifically to
gather the impression and feeling towards Spark before participating in an event and afterwards. This
will be discovered through pre-event surveys and post-events surveys. Focus groups and exit polls are
another way to measure the impressions.
The event in question is the Spark-in-the-Park event in the summer. These surveys can be
handed out before attendees attend the event, possibly when the attendees RSVP or hear about the
event through this instructor or parent. Post-event surveys can be done at the Spark Center when
participants are leaving the event. These surveys can even be done on a table via Survey Monkey or
Survey Gizmo to coax participants into taking the survey.
Spark Center desires to know more about peoples opinions about Spark Center. This can be
discovered through a pre-event survey. This survey is designation to understand the honest opinions
and understandings of Spark Center before attending an event. This is crucial to understanding how to
shift the perspective of Spark Center, especially to the latent audiences. Since Spark Center understands
that the latent audiences have disillusioned views about Spark Center, this pre-event survey will confirm
these theories.
Once a person has attended the event the attendee will be provided with a post-event survey.
This survey is crucial to understanding the shift in opinion and the results of participating in a Spark
Center event. The hope is that this post-event survey will act as a measurement to the success of the
event, Spark Centers new impression to the person, and also a way to gauge if Spark Center is making a
positive impact on the attendee.


Focus groups are another wonderful resource to understanding the impression of Spark Center.

Focus groups will take place after the event and involved participants from the Spark-in-the-Park event.
To achieve the best results, involved different people from the event to collect a range of opinions.
This focus group will attend to the perspectives and opinions of the latent audiences and be a great way
to engage with such audiences. Since the questions are open ended and are normally how and why
questions, Spark Center will be able to gather an array of experiences and opinions that help measure
participants satisfaction.
Exit polls are a quick and easy strategy to understand general opinions. Exit polls are swifter
than post-event surveys and do not necessarily coincide with an event. These polls can be enacted when
a person is leaving Spark Center, not necessarily after Spark-in-the-Park event. Exit polls focus more on
the experience and general opinion about Spark Center and are not confined to a specific event.