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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment
Observation Form 1

Observation Date: 03.10.2006
Teacher Observed: Ms. XXXX

Observation Time: First period (50 minute.)
Subject/Grade Level: ELA/ 6th Grade

School Observed: Harmony Science Academy Grand Prairie Observer: Seref Yagli

1-What was/were the learning objectives/outcomes of the lesson? (Add state objectives if
known; for example, TEKS §111.4. Grade 2.b.)
 6. Figh (D) make inferancens about textual evidence to support understanding.

2-How did the teacher begin and end the lesson?
 First 10 minutes, students warmed up and copied notes. After that teacher explained the
example and students read a passage together. Students took turn reading aloud, and then
read a star questions then went to part of the room for a label with the correct answer.
They ended the class by providing feed back to the groups.

3-What did the teacher use for teaching materials or instructional aids/equipment?
 Overhead projector. They used a class set reading passage and homework reading

4-Which instructional methods and strategies did the teacher use? (Lecture, inquiry,
discovery learning, discussions, games or simulations, demonstrations, cooperative learning,
integration of technology, socrative questioning, etc.)
 Teacher used lecture, games cooperative learning and technology.
5-How did the teacher assess learning? (Informal, formal, formative, summative, oral, openended, quiz, feedback etc.) See Chapter 8 for more information on assessment methods
 Teacher used informal, summative and feedback.

6- What can you say about the teacher’s philosophy/beliefs and style?
(Traditional/progressive, behaviorist, student-centered, teacher centered, authoritative etc.)
 Teacher sometimes used student centered and teacher centered style.
7-How does the teacher manage classroom? Can you identify classroom management
techniques used?
 Count down to signal stop talking. Also, call down individual students when they are
8-Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students play when offtask. What do they do when they are not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct
them or get them back on task?
 Students who not pay attention where talking teacher redo ask students by using eye
contact. Call out their name.

9-How does the teacher communicate with students (verbal, vocal, meta-verbal or non-verbal
communication such as facial, body language, use of space, motion and time?)
 Teacher uses verbal communication, eye contact, body language and movement around
the room.

10-Who were the students in the class? What did you notice about them? (Background,
diversity, attitude, motivation, interaction, participation, etc)
 They are eleven and thirteen years old of sixth grade students. Divers race 9 boy 14 girls.

11-What did you see that is effective in engaging students? What do you see that is
ineffective in keeping students engaged?
 Using appropriate volume and having students participate as group.

12-What are the two instructional strategies you observed and would like to apply in your
 She used bloom taxonomy that understand and remember strategies.
13-What are two important classroom management strategies that you observed and would
like to apply in your classroom?
 I like the students in group activities. She used classroom management strategies that
such as moving around the room, eye contact and count down signal.