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Line Boogie

Teacher: Kelsey Bamberg

School: Boogiewood Elementary

Date: 2/10/2016
Class: KIN 355
Grade Level: 4th
Time: 5-10 minutes

Equipment Used:

4 Cones (1/group)
4 beanbags (1/group)

Targeted NASPE Standard(s):

#1 Student demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement
- Fundamental motor skills (jogging, skipping, high knees)
- Specialized motor skills (going from high to low over/under pattern)
#4 Student exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects
others and self in physical activity
- Participation, Cooperation, Sportsmanship, Competition
Specific Objective: Students will be able to maintain control and coordination of
a beanbag when handing it to the person behind them without dropping it through
two different movement patterns.
Concomitant Objective: Students will learn and practice communication,
collaboration, control, teamwork, focus, sportsmanship, and participation during
this activity. Students will get their heartrates up and practice working together as
a team.

Procedures Followed
Warm Up: Not needed with the limited time allotted for None
this lesson, students will get a brief warm up when
transitioning to their locations and during the set
Transition: Clap once if you can hear me, clap twice if None
you can hear me when I say go, I would like you to put
your heels on the red line.

Set Induction: Pat your head if you know what a relay None
race is.
Next, I would like you to spin around twice if you have
ever been to a relay race or have every participated in a
relay race.
For those of you who have participated in a relay race,
was there anything that the groups had to pass on to
one another? (Baton)
And lastly, when either watching or participating in a

relay race, what are some things the groups did to make
the relay not only fun, but safe and successful as well?
(Cooperation, communication, taking turns).

Learnable Piece: Great, so just like in a relay race, we

are going to be focusing on communication with our
group members, cooperating with your team, and
making sure that everyone gets a turn. To accomplish
that, we are going to play a game called Line Boogie
but before I give directions, I would like you to number
off by 4s started over here on the right.

4 Cones for
the students
to run to

Great, when I call your group, I would like you to job to

your specific cone and have a seat once your entire
team has arrived. How will you move to your specific
cone? (Jogging) And what do you do once your entire
team has reached your cone? (Sit down)
Group 1,2,3,4

Presentation of New Material/Directions:

Great. So in Line Boogie, each group will have 1 bean
bag and the object of the game is to move your groups
beanbag down your line without dropping it. Thumbs up
if youre with me so far?
(Round 1) Each person in your group will reach
overhead and hand the beanbag to the person behind
them with both hands. How many hands? (Two/Both)
*Call volunteer up to help demonstrate*
So what I mean by passing the beanbag over your head
is this. Im using two hands and Im bringing the
beanbag above my head to pass it to Emily. By
overhead I dont mean twisting it around or throwing it to
Emily. How do we hand the beanbag? (Over our heads
and with two hands).
Thumbs up if youre with me?
You will continue this until the beanbag reaches the end
of the line. The last person in line will then perform high
knees back to the front of the line. The process will
continue until each person has had a chance to be the
leader in front of the line.
If you are the last person in line, what movement do you
perform to get to the front? (High knees)

1 beanbag to

Excellent. Once everyone in your group has had a

chance to be the leader and the last person makes it
back to the front of the line, sit down.
Again, Its really important that you dont let go of the
beanbag until you feel the person behind you has a
good grip on it. Cooperation and communication will truly
help your group be successful.
(Round 2 If time)
Since we have time, lets add a bit of a challenge. This
time as you boogie the beanbag down the line, your
group will have to pass overhead and then under
between the legs. So the pattern will be over, under,
over, under. Just like last time, the last person in line will
run to the front and begin this process all over again.
However, this time they will skip instead of high knees.
Once your entire group has had a chance to be the
leader and the last person in line has finished, sit down.
What is the pattern this time? (Over, under, over,
How do you get to the front of the line?


Transition: When I say go, stand up with your group

members and determine who will be the line leader and
form a line behind that person. Once your group is set
and ready to go, put both hands on your head.
Activity: This activity will take place in the IM Circle
gym. The class will be divided up into 4 groups of 7 4 cones
students. Accommodations will be made if students are 4 beanbags
absent or unable to participate. Each group will stand in
a line behind their designated cone at about arms width
apart from the person in front of them. During round 1,
the group will boogie their beanbag down the line by
passing it backward and above their head to the person
behind them. This trend continues until the last person in
line receives the bean bag. This person then performs
high knees to the front of the and begins the process
again. Once each person in line has had a chance to be
the leader, the last person in line does high knees to the
front of the line and their group sits down. Round two
follows the same premise, however, students will
perform an over, under, over, under patterns and skip to
the front instead of performing high knees.

Protocols and organization strategies are described

throughout the lesson plan but I use whole ground
response questions to make sure everyone is on track
and understands. I have a student come up and
demonstrate with me how to properly hand the beanbag
behind and over the head. Check for understanding by
having students put thumbs up or hands on their head. I
tend to give a little instruction, move them, give more
instruction, move them, etc. so that they are
bombarded with information and left feeling confused.


Possible Modifications: If gameplay is too short,

modifications could be to add another round or continue
adding as needed.
If gameplay is too long, remove a round.
If gameplay is too easy, introduce a more difficult way to
pass the beanbag to the person behind them. Possibly
have students spin around twice then hand it. Introduce
a more challenging movement to perform when making
their way to the front of the line. Additionally, students
could hop while waiting for the beanbag to be passed to
If gameplay is too hard, move students closer together
or allow them to turn around and hand the beanbag to
the person behind them. Additionally, if unable to
perform high knees, students could do a light jog, side
shuffle, skip, or other form of movement that gets their
heartrate up.
If gameplay is too boring, have students make an animal
noise while their group completes the relay or have
students sing a song.


Lesson Review:
Now that weve finished up, how did your group work
together to make this activity fun?
What two factors were essential in making sure your
group was safe, stayed on track, and successfully
completed the task?