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Kelly Atkinson

Feminist Wire Phase 3
Ones class, power, and race they have defines who they are and who
they can become in our U.S. collapsing structured system we call our
economy. Our broken economy is creating a numerous amount of rising
issues. The main factor that allows one to be successful stems from what
category they fall into, and there are a lot of them that work together to
create bigger categories. The first category that one might look at would be
their race because that is the first feature visible. Race is only a physical
characteristic and has nothing to do with ones class or power. Although this
is scientifically true that there are no biological differences in someone with
lighter or darker skin, our society seems to believe that different races
qualify for different levels of power and other resources. Race is an illusion
there is nothing that makes a white man, tan man, black man, purple man,
super tan man different than anyone else. If they are a human, they are
equally qualified for human rights.
Along with race comes social class and power. Social class does not
pertain to race but sometimes it does. Some white privileged groups feel like
their social class will be broken or interrupted by the presence of someone
with color other than white. Which then correlates with power, which helps

prove why it was so Earth shattering when our first black skinned president
came to power. If you are not a top notch individual with no appearing
physical or mental problems, then really good luck making it in the U.S.
system. We are all about qualifications and making things bigger and better
and constantly progressing. As a society I believe we are progressing way
past the point of acceptable. We are making groups and kicking others out
and judging others when we are ALL equal on this Earth under God. Humans
natural instinct is to be a sinner because we are not Holy and are not capable
of being anything other than filthy rags to the greatest God over all creation.
Relating this back to the UCONN article; Carolyn Luby should have
never been attacked for stating her opinion and addressing the president. If
she were in a higher social class, and had power or money to her name then
I foresee these problems never arising. In todays society money backs up
power, social class, and race. You can get out of the negative connotation of
a race card if you have money to your name. Then this backs up your power
and social class and you are slightly treated as a human again. But if you
have money and have a disability then you really do not have any power at
all. It is a never ending crucial circle to be great in the U.S. structured
system. If Luby was in a higher social class than if someone wanted to
address her they would ask her to lunch or email her. Hate crimes are
usually associated with a lower class.
All of these characteristics of someone all intersect and cause good
and bad things. If you are on the privileged side of the spectrum in gender,

social class, power, and race then you are in the clear! But if not then you
have issues you will face in your lifetime. Luby should have never been
treated the way she did and if she was on the privileged side of the spectrum
in all categories then maybe the outcome would have been different, or the
reaction to the outcome would have been prohibited and supported by
someone with power.