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Harvey Milk School

Richar-d Alan Spiegel - Editor Barbara Fishel- - Desi qner Thomas Per-ry - I n terri

Covel- Photograph: Finnegan

Page· ~Betsy

4-5 Ramon 6-7 Nathaniel

8-17 Finnegan 18-23 John

Published by The Waterways Project with funding I support from The New York State Council on the Arts ...

Principal - Richard Organisciak Superintendant - Stephen Phillips


. I . - . .

Betsy l t

Do your parents understand why you're gay? If

not, do you understand why your parent doesn't under-stand I Heterosexi srn is a belief in the inherent superiority of one pattern of loving over all others and thereby its .-ight to dominance.

Have you or your parents ever heard the expressions-

men are supposed to have the upper hand and take care of the family; men have to keep the role of a masculine guy, or if they cry or hang out with gids and do things as a girl then they're called 'faqs", I f a woman was to associate

with boys in boys' SPO,"ts and act as an equal to boys

then they're called 'tomboys' or 'Iezz.ie". With such '"emarks as these girls are discouraged from acting as

equals to boys. This fear of namecalling also tries to

d i scouraqe the act of homosex ua Ii ty .

Because of society's attitude parents encourage youngsters to become heteros exual. Some believe that everyone has the right to choose whether to be heterosexual or homosexual. Noone has the right· to predetermine. Most parents try to make the right or 'proper' choice (which is heterosexual }-.- Parents do not want to be accused of influencing young people to become gay.

This is why parents treat us the way they do. This

is why parents talk about gays in a negative way ..• hardly ever in a positive way. Parents often believe in the sex roles, but sex roles do not determine a child's sexual orientation. The most masculine man just might be gay. The gi 1'1 that plays the role of one who could steal any man's heart just might be gay /Iesbian ,

The normal well-i ntentioned parent has these fears about raising their kids free:

1- that sex roles determine sexuality

2- that specific ingredients make a child homosexual 3- that homosexuality is one of the worst things that

can happen



Some of the things that parents look for that tell them that thei r child will come out queer are:

a girl doesn't date boys and does not want

to associate with them;

if a boy doesn't show that he likes a girl; if a boy is a mama's boy then he can't be a woman' 5 man.

Believe it or not parents do look for these things, and if they find them thenthey try to change their child's behavior as soon as possible.

Knowing this won't change your parents' ways or their thinking, but will help you understand your parents a little better. Maybe with a little time and understanding your parent will learn to accept you. Just try to be yourself. It might help a little. Ora simple, I love you, might do the trick.




Where are our rights?

Why don't they leave us alone?

We also have feeling, like any of you. We eat, we sleep, we work and we cl~y. I f you get hit and have pain

We also feel pain.

So I ask again, why don't you leave us alone? Just like everyone else we live on this ear th with you, so please don't talk about us Because we also live on earth with you.

So leave us alone. All of you should try to get along with all of us

Even though we are gay. Ther-e is nothing you can do,



Street life. Where people cry for help. Where is the help?

Why is street life so hard for those people z Who don't have a place to live?

People, people, people! Why dori'f you care? They sleep on your doorways.

They look at you when they are cold. They ask for help when they are sick,

And they cry for food when they don't have anything to eat.

Street, the place where people die,

Because people like you and I don't really care about their life.



THE FACE Nathaniel

Eyes formed of the black fl re of stars, Magnified by the wet sand that forms the skin, Like the pillars they form, soft and firm.

Held by a structure so distinct it was carved by diamonds, Teeth of pearls line up to form a smile of love,

Forged by the Almighty's hands to mark a legend -

A face that will.always be seen.

A face that betrays the heart and mind, So crystal clear is his mirrored image,

So that it speaks a thousand words when he is silent.

Age can do nothing but caress this bust,

For he has not only ·beauty of appearance, but of the soul, It is a face, a face of the immortal.


I'M A DREAMER Nathaniel

A place of endless midnight. The very borders of my soul, Just a blinking distance away, Lies dense thought - so bold,

Formed of stolen memories,

Of all I've seen and known, Fed my mind the ideas,

On which my character has grown,

Dreams seem to have a mind of their own, They are stronger than reality's chill,

To take me from my.lowest point,

And place me on a pedestal,

Death doesn't see this world,

Nor sickness, grief, or sorrow,

All I see is happiness,

This era of time I borrow,

I came to look beyond the stars, Seeking another. day,

To sow the promise of life, And reap the dues I must pay.





LAST Night LAST Night I

LAST Night I dreamed

LAST Night I drea~ed I

LAST Night I dreamed I had LAST Night I dreamed I had a

Last Night I dreamed I had a picnic last Night I dreamed I had a picnic in

last Night I dreamed I had a picnic in Brazil

last Night I dreamed r had a picnic in Brazil among last Night I dreamed I had a picnic in Brazil amogg a

last Night I dreamed I had a picnic in Brazil among a nest Last Night r dreamed I had a picnic in Brazil among a nest of

Last Night I dreamed I -had a picnic in Brazil among a nest of ants. ~ ~ r ~ : -











Buenas tardes. Este es su capitan hablando. Yo tengo mucho calor aqui en este avion. La noche es muy joven. POI- favor escuche la luz.

Esto es 10 que esta pasando; estamos a punto de chocar. Por favor, dejen de fumar , Pongan sus mesitas de comer en su lugar .. Pongan sus cabezas entre sus muslos. Porque? Porque estamos a punto de chocar ,

Quantos anos tienes usted? Yo tengo zero anos.

Tus ojos son muy frio. Este es la mano. La mano de luz , Este es el o]o , EI ojo de sonido. Este es la casa. La casa de noche. Estas son las estrelles. Las estrellas de rojo.

Un momenta, por favor. Todos nosotros vamos abajo en la luz de noche. Estamos a punta de chocar. POl' favor, dejen defumar y pongan sus cabezas entre sus muslos. Un momento por favor.

Estamos a punta de chocar en la luz de la noche.

Un manento, pOI' favor. Estrellas de oro y ro]o , La mana de la luz. Tengo zero anos. EI ojo de sonido. La casa de 'noche. Un momento, par favor. Ya, no los amo mas.

Escucha la luz. Yo puedo ver el sonido desde aqui.




"Girl, yhy you alvays bustin' up ya Dollbabies?"

NOVEMBER 1, Sunday 11:30 a.m.

I couldn't believe NBC's Denise Tyler actually knocked on my door this morning and asked me if I knev my student, 10 year old Sydni Saxon. Ho~ couldn't I know her?

Ever since the little monster, fresh from Canada, enrolled in P.S. 41 in the Village she's been nothing but six months of headache. She questioned my authority from day 1. Impossible to teach.

Aside from that I already knew she was treated -- in all menti~nings of h~r -- like a martyr. In all respects. The sort of martyr American brats would be forming cults for around the country.

I wanted to throw up. A bright light seared into my face the moment I opened the door.

~hat could I do? I told her my naMe was Elyse Santos and that I taught Fifth Grade in the Greenwich Village School off Sixth Avenue and 11th Street. No use making things any more difficult than necessary, was there? I even told her about the bodi~s I found in the ladies room th~re.

As I 'stood ther~ in curlers and my fuzzy pink robe, automatically dismissed the fact that the publicity Sydni brought was actually pleasing me.

OCTOBER 31, Saturday 10~m

"Jeff Scott!" Clyd~, the bum, scream~d my nam~. I ran over to the escalator and a shock of white hot heat stripped clean over my head. It was so hot my face was tanned and my hat was singed.

"Help me Jeff!" Clyde's cry ring in my ears. I was horrified by the seven foot shape of the man in the burned, ripped ju;~suit. He wore a 4015 style hat that 5lanted stylishly down over his left eye and walked calmly up behind Clyde.


It ~as ~ gre~t day at work but I al~ays dread (oming home to

my screaming kids. Getting that divorce with Sam six months ago ~

was tough enough but trying to raise three kids alon! while he

trips the light fantastic with"some silly white bombshell in l Ontario isn't only hard but it's also frustrating!

I tr~ to keep them happy but the change of the city and country is still hard to adjust for them, I guess.

The way my eldest Sydni behaves though, it's almost as if Manhattan has to adjust, not her.

Never have I seen such a confident girl. She strongly believes everything she does is correct and can logically justi fy her actions, e~en if she's dead wrong.

She'll be a h!ll of a lawyer someday.

She brought home a beautiful report card for the first time since we got her enrolled in Hay, She flunked out of most of her subjects and was promoted only because it was realized that she

did have the potential to do the work. .

Why does she have difficulty realizing that they won't be as

sweet to her in High School?

His muscular body bulged through the burned up ~uit that was probably a size too small for hi~.

'NO!" the cry rang from my lips involuntarily. He lifted Clyde's thrashing body by the throat and began twisting his head.

I flinched at the sound of the cracking bone as he snapped Clyde's neck as easily as he would undo a lid from a jar.

There in the semi darkness of Port Authority I saw a spray of blood speckle everything around him, That wicked grin. I hated it.

Casually he tossed Clyde's quivering body aide and started up the escalator laughing,

laughing: "You're next, Jack is gonna make you an honorary me~ber of the corpsie club!"

Instantly, I forgot my hate for his grin. My body went cold with the fear that had quickly replaced it.

OCTOBER 28, Wednesday 4:37 pm


1 4

, I

Anyway, I decided to reward b~r. I bought home a nev set of doll-babies with all the trimmings. I have had better luck buying her d f~otball. She seems to use dolls for field goals. It's her brother's football she snuggles up with at night. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Why does she see~ to pull me back to the Sarah Saxon (Whoops, I mean Smith. It's back to Smith now) that I was like when I was ten? Why is she so much li~e Me? Sometimes I'm flattered but more than often it's just plain aggravating.

OCTODER 28, Wednesday 11:55pm

In the skies over 42nd Street a streak of red light tore from the east. It sailed over the astonished New Yorkers, over 7th Avenue, Broadway"and sped towards Eighth Avenue. It dipped lower as it neared and vanished ina the asphalt by Port Authority Bus Terminal. It had gone underground.

In the tracks of the uptown local trains of the Eighth Avenue lines, the rails began to glow.

On the platform, a sleepy Chinese girl stole a sip of (of fee to keep her awake for her long ~rip home.

Not too far away from her a couple snuggled in each other's arms, waiting for their train.

A drunk slept soundly on a bench nearby.

There was an explosion on the tracks that jarred the bum awake, that snapped the sleepy Chinese girl to alertness and that caused the couple to tighten their embrace.

There was thick smoke rolling up out of the tracks. The tall naked body of a man with hideous scars billowing with steam pulled

itself up onto the platform. ~

No one looked in his direction. It uas New York. People usually ignored the unexpected and the odd.

His fists glowed so bright a" red, the skeletal bones in his hands vere visible. Mere organic matter to him. Child's play. That was what he vas here for wasn't it? Yes, a wonderful time. Ho~ many would die on this world? if he calculated it to precision it would spoil the (un.



He'd need a place to hide. On entry into this world's atmQsphere via sattelite he learned a lot about these earth creatures. He was a very powerful mutant on his world. Even arter that struggle with Dream Police that rendered him very weak, here he was stronger than any being a thousand times over.

That was what was so good about these D-grad~ worlds. A mutant could rule in luxury here. Where would he live?

Already, he had an ideal .

He vani shed' into a bright streak of red that stabbed up ·through the ceiling. No one even blinked.

OCTOBER 28th, Wednesday, Midnight

It uas really cold~ I couldn't sleep a wink of sleep. I was already under a ton of blankets and stuff but it still wasn't enough.

Mommy wouldn't wake up and Sammy and stewie were knocked out cold too. Why wouldn't anyone turn down and turn off the air conditioner? Didn't anyone care whether I got sick?

I paced around in my room, trying to warm when the t.v. in the corner flashed on to a blan~ white scr~en.

I dIdn't turn it on 50 I didn't kno~ what to think. It had this smoke coming out of it like there was a whole room inside of the t.v. I ~as surprised. Things like that didn't happen.

I walked over to it. The smoke coming out of it was really hot. It felt like the steam that came out of iI tea kettle.

I thought that the t.v. had glass on it to keep out people's fingers. Nine went right in. [ pulled it out after a fe~ seconds. I yas kinda scared.

I picked up 'one of my dolly-wollies and put in her head. Something grabbed it! It tried to snatch it in!

"Gimme back my dollie~· I screamed angrily.

I pulled but it got her head off.

I dropped the headless doll on the floor. I was mad. Mad as hell (l i ke mommy says).

I searched the room for what I was looking for. When I found it I went back to the t.v. set.

"Eat thjs~· I shouted shoving in a canoe oar my daddy and I use to go canoeing with up in Canada.

It must of got stuck because it :didnft go in more than three feet before it stopped and didn't go any further (the oar ~a5 about five and a half feet IDng).

Something from inside the t.v. screamed and suddenly I was jerked like I was playing tug of war.

I knew I wouldn't win. I could tell what eYer it was, it was a lot stronger than me. It got the wheels turning in my head. I remember my favorite cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker, being in the same mess. All he did when someone bigger than him like mean old Buzz Buzzard pul1ed on something was let go of it and send the bad guy flying.

I tried it. It worked.

Whatever-it-was was sent flying. There was a brief loud crash. ~ounded like it had fallen into a wall of glass and buckets or something.

I laughed at it from outside the t.v. It screamed at me from inside it.

The smoke was sucked up from the floor and back into the


So was my dolly body. The one ~ithout the head. And ~y blanket, right off my bed.

As a matter of fact, it started sucking things up right off the floor. Clouds of dust, toys, books (oh well I had a good excuse for not giving Ms. Santos my homework assignment. The t.v. ate

that up tool and lots of other stuff.

It was like a gigantic vacuum cleaner. I didn't know what to do when it started pulling me in~

Then I got to thinking. I had to. I had to start thinking fast. My slippers no matter how hard I pulled were slowly dragging

across the floor, toward the weird t.v. set. ~

I was directly in front of it within seconds of getting battered by the objects I was blocking from going into the 19 inch screen.

Then it hit me. Just turn it off! And I did.

For five minutes I was reliived. Then mad. Mad as hell. looking around me I noticed my room looked almost as empty as

when I first Doved in. I wondered what would happen if I turned it back on.


For ten minutes I wondered if I turned the t.v. "back on get my things back? Mommy wouldn't like it if she came room and found it empty in the morning.

I decided t~ risk it. Why not? 1 figured the worst that could happen yas the t.v. man would get mad. I vasn't of him. I didn't care. His stupid tricks didn't impress me.

I turned the t.v. back on.

in my
afraid OCTOBER 29th, 12:28 am

Sarah Saxon was jarred out of her tranquil sleep with a scream that only could have been her daughter Sydni's.

OCTOBER 29th, 12:29 am

5ure I got my things back. Too bad they had to come exploding out the t.v. SCTeen like volcano lava.

That's ~ind of what my stuff was dripping with. Well actually it yas more like orange baogers. It was gross. Thick and sticky and slimey. Yuck!

There I ~as in the middle of the night with orange crap all over me anij ny floor. I would have to clean up before mommy woke up. I didn't think she'd like it too much.

I gingerly began picking my things out of the thick orange pool of 5lim~ on the floor.

Then the t.v. screen flared brightly. The glare made me squint.

On the screen I saw the ugly face of a man with a funny hat.

He wa5 scoyling. Of was he smiling?

"Leave me alone mister t.v. man. I'm in no mood to play games. Go away." I said rather bored of his tricks.

"I'm gonna get you." He said from the t.v. 'I'm gonna get you and eat you up. Why? Cause I'm your private Boogie-Hoagie man. I'~ going to haunt you every night. Right down until the day I eat you up. Boo~ I'~ the boogie man. Aren't you afraid?"

"Not really.·

"Hhy not?' He said as his face began to push forward against the screen, stretching it out as if it were a rubber sheet.




USetauselh ..

"Because why?" By this time he was at least two feet out of the television though that odd elastic sheet still prevented him from actually stepping into the room.

"Because I can turn you off." r said flicking off the t.v. Seconds later, it came back on again.

nNo you can't." He smiled. Or was it a scowl on his face? never (ould tell.

'Watch me." I sighed pulling out the plug.

There was the sound of his scream that was abruptly cut off.

OCTOBER 29th, 12:32 am

Sarah Saxon. angrily threw on her robe. She slipped out of her bed and walked out of her room down the hall to her daughter's r onn,

Opening the door she found her daughter standing knee-deep

in orange slime.

"What the hell is going on"!" "Nothing. n

"Why did you scream?'" "r don't knolJ."

"60 to sleep!" 'YesIDO!D[IY!"

"Good Night~ '" Sarah cried storming out of the room.

She forgot what happened the moment her head touched the pillow. Just as Sydni knew she would.

to be continued





If movies that feature a lot of ketchup and people being turned inside out is your thing, then I definitely recommend these movies. All of these movies had no rating when they played in the theaters, so if you al-e going to rent them on video, please make sure to ask for the original uncut version. A lot of stores that rent them will not tell you what you are getting.

1. MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY: The title says it all.

I t is one of the most disgusting movies ever made! Cannibal holocaust at its best. The plot? Surely you jest! Just get ready to count the castrations and mutilations. I lost count around the 25th one.

2. THE EVI L DEAD: A classic, if you ask me. Not only is it heavy on the blood, but I believe it's

the fi rst movi e to ever show a woman get raped by a tree.

3. ZOMBIE: This one is so disgusting, I'm anxiously awaiting its sequel, should it ever be made. You'll love the ending!

4. DEMONS: This film is definitely more effective when set::n in a movie theater. I can't say why without giving away .the plot. Yes! This movie has a plot, but it's one of those movies that if you don't see it from the beginning, you won't know what's going on.

5. THE RE-AN IMATOR: This is the kind of gorefilm that has some of the most original gore scenes. Guaranteed to make you laugh, if not puke!



6 .. Maniac: New York City is the setting for this one and it has a lot of screaming bimbos from beginning to' end ; Rather offensive.

7. DAWN OF THE DEAD: This one is considered a classic; don't ask me why. I don't think so. But it is a good movie. A nice zombie flick.

8. THE MUTILATOR: It only has a few murders but each one is violent. Look for the next to the last murdel'. All the women walked out on this scene. Yeah!

9. THE GATES OF HELL: If there's a plot to this one, I couldn't find it, but the massacre scenes are definitely nice and juicy.

10. HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY: This one should've been titled II Don't go in the Basement" instead. It's from the di rector of ZOMB I E (#3) so it's a goody. This one doesn't make sense but the blood and gore is in there .

. To sum up all these movies: almost all of them have no story, which is why I really couldn' t give a plot review. But, if fo r one reason or another, you can only see one of the above, may I recommend MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY. I hope this guic;le helps you throw up while viewing the film. Enjoy!


I f you like horror movies, but you really can't take explicit violence like the films I mentioned before, hare are a few films that are cute to watch without really worrying about getting sick. They are: HALLOWEEN, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET r CREEPSHOW and THE EXORC 1ST. The movies were meant to be seen dul"ing this season.



John,' .

Music - Uptown /Downtown, East Village/West Village

UPTOWN - 'Raising Hell' - Run D.M.C.***

i I 'rn not really into rap rnuslc ;' I always said that.

Then it began to g'"OW on me. Just for a try, I decided to buy the new Run D.M. C. album. I was definitely in for a surprise. This album is an experience, especially

for a lot of people who never listen to rap songs! I played this to some friends to see their reactions. They liked it.

I like it.

By now, many of you out there have heard 'My Adidas", 'Peter Piper' 7 and the new popular 'Walk this Way.' This album has a lot of other songs you can shake and dance to.

EAST VILLAGE/WEST VILLAGE - 'Revenge' - Eurythmics**** 'Revenge! is the latest album by the ever-popular British group, Eurythmics. For such a good album, it is very strange to review. Each new Eurythmics album is always completely different and better than the previous one and this one is no exception. I bought this album because I

liked 'Missionary Man' which is the first single they rel eased ,




Being the bookworm that I am, I always have people asking me what books they should read.

So here is a list, more or less, of what I recommend, with a brief review:

HORROR NOVELS - Needless to say, I recommend Stephen King. .The author of Carr-ie. The Shining, Night Shift, Salem's Lot, Firestarter, The Stand, The Dead Zone, Cujo, Different Seasons, Christine, Pet Sematary, The Talisman, Skeleton Crew, !.!:

(Did. I name them all? Probably not.) and a few other books he wrote as Richard Bachman such as Thinner. Though not all his books are fast-paced, they are fun to read.

But if yo~ want fast-paced hor-ror novels, I recommend all the books written by John Saul and V. C. Andrews. Both authors use children as main characters. John Saul loves to use children as the victims of town curses 0'" ghosts. I recommend Suffer the Children, Nathaniel, Brain's Child and Hell Fire. Don't read his books lfyou can't handle reading about kids being murdered.

V. C. Andrews has written a really great book series which people call The Flowe,~s in the Attic series. They're four books entitled Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind, If The,"e be Thorns, and Seeds of Yesterday. All four books tell the story of the lives of four brothers and sisters and the treatment they get due to cruel parents. Each ·book can be read without having read any of the other books. I guarantee that, when you read one, you'll want to read all four. All four are qr eat tear-jer ker-s . She also wrote My Sweet Audrina and Heavan, which are just as good.


Dtme i~ where it's at, and I think that any of the

Dune books is science fiction at its best. I'm really

not much of a science fiction reader, but I know which authors are good. Get into Frank (Dune series) Herbert, Piers Anthony I Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov.

ROMANCE NOVELS - There are thousands of romance novels out there and they are all the same to me. It's always the same thing: a struggling heroine or the typical boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girlat-the-end-of-the-story, anyway. I've read a few, but the one author that [ liked is Danielle Steele. She has

a way of making you want to sympathize with the characters. Her books are fast-paced, even though, in my opinion, they're not really exciting. I would recommend Palomino, Once in a Lifetime, and, the only book which

I Ii ked, and [ think is her best, Family Album.

SLEAZE WITH A STORY - Most of you out there want

to read books with sex and violence. The top three contenders for this category are: Harold Robbins, Sydney Sheldon, and' Jackie Collins. All of their books are great. [guarantee that just about any book store you go into will have a whole shelf or two of books for each of the authors.


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