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HPHT Procedures

- glycol system msut be ready for use

-Drilling rate must be controlled so that lag time*ROP is less than 30 ft. (why?
-'The hard shut in' should be preffered than 'soft shut-in'
-standard 'wait n weight' method should be modify to ensure that the limitations
of surface equipment are not exceeded, especially when gas reaches surface.
- A '25 % of SF' on time or strokes should allow the top of the gas to reach wel
Typical reuirements:
- 15,000 psi BOP
-3000 tons variable deck load
-700 tons bulk capacity
-500 cu.m mud tank capacity
-650 tons overhead equipemnt rating
-14 lines string-up capacity
-Three mud pumps or at least two pumps and riser booster pump
mud mixing, transfer and solid control should be rated for 2.50