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MUST 101

Music Theory I

Fall 2016

Instructor: Dr. Drew ODell

Office: 255 Baird Music Hall
Phone: (606) 867-5309
Office Hours: Schedule posted on office door.
Class Meets: M,W,F; 10:00-11:00 AM
Room: 121 Baird Music Hall
Required Materials
These will be used on a daily basis

Staff Paper
Regular Notebook Paper
o Kostka, Stefan, Dorothy Payne, and Byron Almen. Tonal Harmony. Tonal
Harmony. New York: McGraw-Hill.
o Benjamin, Thomas E., Michael E. Horvit, and Robert Nelson. Music for Analysis:
From the Common Practice Period and the Twentieth Century. New York:
Oxford University Press
Course Description
This course will introduce students to the world of music theory. Students will learn the
basic skills needed to analyze and interpret music. This course will also develop students
pitch recognition. Students will be tested both aurally as well as with written exams. This
course is a pre-requisite for all future music theory courses.
Course Objectives

Students will be able to construct basic chords in all keys, both major and minor.
Students will be able to accurately transcribe/dictate simple melodies.
Students will be able to understand various chord relationships within a harmonic
Students will be able to understand how various rhythmic structures fit together in

Quizzes will be given aurally 4 times a semester. The material quizzed over will be
melodic dictation.

There will be 2 exams in addition to the Midterm and Final exam in this course. The
exams will be evenly spaced out through the course of the semester. The Midterm and
Final exams will occur in the appropriate weeks of school (see University Academic
Calendar). The material on each exam will be discussed in a review session 1 class period
prior to the exam. ONLY the Midterm and Final exams will be cumulative in nature.
Worksheets will be assigned every class period in order to reinforce the material taught in
`the classroom. These worksheets will be due at the beginning of the next class unless
otherwise stated.
Homework Assignments
Tests (2 Tests 10% each)
Mid-Term Exam
Final Exam


Grading Scale
59 and below

This course requires that all students attend class regularly and punctually. Late
assignments will not be accepted without a valid excuse. Valid excuses are considered to
be the following: an illness documented with a doctors note, a family emergency, a
University-sponsored event with proper documentation, or for a religious observance.
Overall attendance grade is determined on a percentage basis. The number of classes a
student attends will be divided by the overall number of classes held to determine a
percentage grade.
Academic Dishonesty:
Cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, or helping others to commit these acts will not be
tolerated. Academic dishonesty will result in severe disciplinary action including, but not
limited to, failure of the student assessment item or course, and possibly dismissal from
MSU. If you are not sure what constitutes academic dishonesty, read The Eagle: Student
Handbook, or ask your instructor.
Americans with Disabilities Act:
In compliance with the ADA, all students with a documented disability are entitled to
reasonable accommodations and services to support their academic success and safety.
Though a request for services may be made at any time, services are best applied when
they are requested at or before the start of the semester. To receive accommodations and
services the student should immediately contact the Disability Services Coordinator in
the Office of Academic and Career Services, 223 Allie Young Hall, 606-783-5188,
Campus Safety Statement:
Emergency response information will be discussed in class. Students should familiarize
themselves with the nearest exit routes in the event evacuation becomes necessary. You
should notify your instructor at the beginning of the semester if you have special needs or
will require assistance during an emergency evacuation. Students should familiarize
themselves with emergency response protocols at
Course Schedule
Week 1
Monday, August 15
Wednesday, August 17
Friday, August 19

Discussion of Syllabus/Course Expectations

Discussion of Intervals. (Wksht 1 passed out)
Discussion of Intervals cont. (Wksht 2)

Monday, August 22

Review of intervals/Introduction of major

scales (Wksht 3)
Scales/Key Signatures cont. (Wksht 4)
Introduction to the Tonic Chord (Wksht 5)

Week 2

Wednesday, August 24
Friday, August 26
Week 3
Monday, August 29
Wednesday, August 31
Friday, September 1

Review of Tonic Chord (Wksht 6)

Introduction to Dictation/Review of all
previous material (Wksht 7)
Melodic Dictation Practice

Week 4
Monday, September 5
Wednesday, September 7
Wednesday, September 9

Labor Day NO CLASS

Melodic Dictation Quiz #1/Review for exam
(Wksht 8)
Exam #1

Week 5
Monday, September 12
Wednesday, September 14
Friday, September 16

Discuss Exam #1/Introduction to the Dominant

Chord (Wksht 9)
Dominant Chord Cont. (Wksht 10)
Melodic Dictation Practice (Wksht 11)

Week 6
Monday, September 19
Wednesday, September 21
Friday, September 23

Rhythm Unit (Wksht 12)

Rhythm Unit Cont. (Wksht 13)
Rhythm Unit Cont./Dictation Practice
(Wksht 14)

Monday, September 26
Wednesday, September 28
Friday, September 30

Introduction to voice leading Tonic and

Dominant Chords (Wksht 15)
Voice Leading Cont. (Wksht 16)
Melodic Dictation Quiz #2

Monday, October 3
Wednesday, October 5
Friday, October 7

Review for Midterm Exam (Wksht 17)

Midterm Exam
Fall Break NO CLASS

Monday, October 10

Friday, October 14

Discuss Midterm Exam/Introduction to

Dominant Seventh Chords (Wksht 18)
Review of Dominant Seventh Chords (Wksht
Melodic Dictation Practice

Monday, October 17
Wednesday, October 19
Friday, October 21

Introduce Chord Inversions (Wksht 20)

Review Chord Inversions (Wksht 21)
Introduce Harmonic Dictation

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Wednesday, October 12

Week 10

Week 11
Monday, October 24
Monday, October 26
Monday, October 28

Introduce Subdominant Chord (Wksht 22)

Discuss Voice Leading between Tonic,
Subdominant, Dominant Triads (Wksht 23)
Review/Q&A Session

Monday, October 31
Wednesday, November 2
Friday, November 4

Melodic & Harmonic Dictation Quiz #3

Review for Exam #2
Exam #2

Monday, November 7

Discuss Exam #2/Introduction to

Augmented/Diminished Chords (Wksht 24)
Discuss the Tonic, Subdominant, and
Dominant Chord in a minor key (Wksht 25)
Melodic & Harmonic Dictation Practice

Week 12

Week 13

Wednesday, November 9
Friday, November 11
Week 14
Monday, November 14
Wednesday, November 16
Friday, November 18

Voice Leading Practice (Wksht 26)

Review Day (Wksht 27)
Melodic & Harmonic Dictation Practice (Class

Monday, November 21
Wednesday, November 23
Friday, November 25

Review Day (Class Optional)

Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS
Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS

Monday, November 28
Wednesday, November 30
Friday, December 2

Melodic & Harmonic Dictation Quiz #4

Review for Final Exam (Wksht 28)
Review for Final Exam

Date TBD Check University Academic


Final Exam

Week 15

Week 16

Week 17