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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of meeting of April 16, 2016
Present: Matt Martin and Sean Storey, co-chairs, Laura Bidwa, Woody Drake, Erin Prosser,
Evelyn Van Til, Rory Krupp, Terry Althouse, Robert Barksdale, Brian Williams, Sheldon
Johnson, Abigail Hartung and Steve Sterrett.
Matt Martin and Sean Storey, co-chairs of the Housing Committee, called the meeting to order at
6:05 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.
Design review. Sheldon Johnson of the Greater Ohio Policy Center asked for a clarification of
the committees interest in design review. Committee members discussed the need to discourage
inappropriate development, particularly from the pressure of the student housing market, and
potential expansion of the University Area Review Board. Mr. Martin suggested that Mr.
Johnsons research on design review focus on three questions:
What protections exist currently?
What are other options?
What are innovative approaches or ideas?
RFP process. Erin Prosser, community development director of Campus Partners, provided an
update on the request for proposals for the two single-family homes and nine vacant lots in the
Weinland Park Collaboratives portfolio. As recommended at the last Housing Committee
meeting, Ms. Prosser is in discussions with five individuals who are interested in five different
properties in the portfolio and who would occupy the homes. In addition, four housing
developers are interested in the portfolio and plan to renovate or build new single-family houses
for sale to potential homeowners. In meeting with the four developers that evening, Ms. Prosser
suggested the committee members consider two questions:
How will each developers proposal benefit the neighborhood?
What kind of partner will this developer be for the neighborhood?
Developers. The remainder of the committee meeting was devoted to a discussion with each
developer to better understand the proposal and the developers qualifications. The developers
Michael Amicon and Mark Inks of Mulberry, a Columbus general contractor that designs and
builds primarily urban infill single-family and multi-family homes.
Eric Day of Transom Design and Build, a Cincinnati-based general contractor with
experience in adaptive re-use.
Kevin Lykens and George Skaff, owners and developers of other properties in Weinland Park
with an interest in blending contemporary and timeless design.
Steve Bollinger of Wagenbrenner Development, which proposed using its Grant Park
housing designs on these additional parcels.

Discussion. Following the sessions with the developers, the committee members discussed what
they had heard. They will think further about the proposals and discuss the matter again at the
next committee meeting on May 9 with the goal of making a recommendation to Campus
Partners about next steps with the developers. Meanwhile, Ms. Prosser will continue to work
with the individuals interested in specific properties about financing, design, and related issues.
The meeting adjourned about 8:20 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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