NAME: Red Kangaroo HEIGHT: 2 metres WEIGHT: 90 kg. LENGTH OF TAIL: 1 metre FEEDING: Herbivorous (mainly grasses) HABITAT: Australia COLOUR: Red-brown LOCOMOTION: Hopping OTHER FEATURES: pouch for joeys (females), largest mammal in its habitat.

1. Look at the red kangaroo’s passport and circle the correct option to complete its description: The red kangaroo is the largest / shortest bird / mammal in Australia / America . The males grow up to 1.5 / 2 metres tall / wide and weigh up to 90 / 80 kg. They have got a muscular tail that can be 1 / 0.5 metre long. They use this tail as a third leg for balance. The red kangaroo is an carnivore / herbivore , and it eats mainly grasses / meat . It has got short red-brown / grey fur. Its means of locomotion is hopping /crawling . The females have got a pouch, called marsupium, in which joeys complete postnatal development.

2. Match the questions on the left to the answers on the right: 1. What animal is it? 2. How tall is it? 3. How heavy is it? 4. How long is its tail? 5. What does it eat? 6. Where does it live? 7. What colour is it? 8. What is its means of locomotion? 9. Has it got any other special feature? a. Mainly grasses. b. Red-brown. c. Females have got a pouch. d. In Australia. e. The red kangaroo. f. Hopping. g. Up to 2 metres. h. 1 metre. i. Up to 90 kg.