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Organize the following questions:

a] time /did/ get /up/ what/ Peter?
What time did Peter get up?
b] you/ like/ would/ to/round the plant /come and see/?
You would like

to come and see round the plant?

c] to ask your partner/can/you/of/think/other questions/any?

d] are /the main public/in/country/your/holidays/what?
What are your country holidays in the main public?
e] the german mark/how/it/much/did/cost/against?
How much cost did the german mark against it?
f] this/are/they/weekend/what/doing?
what are they doing this weekend?
g] she/ever/Las/Vegas/has/been/to/?
Has been she ever to Las Vegas?
h] many/this/ executive/chief/officer/how/appointments/does/have?
How many officer chief executive does have this appointments?
i] you/mind/do/I/if/use/phone/your?
j] the/how/meeting/long/did/last?
How long did last the meeting?
k] the departmental/when/board/did/finish?
When did finish the departmental board?
l] Sunday newspaper/how/is/much/a/Britain/in?
how much is a Sunday newspaper in Britain?
m] you/pay/how/for/an/apartment/much/do/Chile/in?
how much do you pay for an apartment in Chile?
n] Peter,/you/could/me/introduce/the/to/Manager/Marketing?

o] I/may/another/of/cup/coffee/have?
p] said/who/the electric/was/car/a/invention/new?
q] the workers/feel/the job/unnecessary/are/cuts/why/do?
r] men and women/should/at/same/age/the/retire?
s] experiment/what/they/did/ago/four/years/do?
t] many/transactions/how/does/perform/day/a/she?
u] pet snake/a/colleagues/your/if/react/took/you/how/work/to/would?
v] expect/you/do/to raise/your/government/age/pension/the?
w] people/how/many/in/live/it?
x] Cycles/How many/there/be/economical/in/a period of time/can?
y] an/elevator/work/does/How?
z] tall/How/were/towers/the twin?