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Cameron Camilleri

April 23, 2016

Mrs. Futhey
English 150
End of Semester Reflection
This semester, in English 150 I learned many new communication habits and have
strengthened my communication development as well. I generate my ideas in writing through a
series of pick up put down sentences until I find a few that start to fit together. My teacher is a
good resource for when Im lost on a paper and need a little help finding my way. WOVE was
introduced to my class in the beginning of the year and it continued as a learning ground of basic
fundamental practices in English 150. My knowledge of the Visual aspect of WOVE has grown
throughout the semesters. At first I thought that I would excel in the Oral aspect. Through the
semester however I fell just short of my expectation. Although I didnt reach my goal, I did learn
a few valuable lessons on contribution, and dedication this year.
English has long been my favorite subject. I enjoyed reading short stories and writing
about interesting topics. I grew up with a very structured rough draft system and it didnt always
work for me. Although it did help bring together all of my information, I couldnt ever begin to
generate fluent sentences. Today as well as gathering all my knowledge I like to start papers with
a few strong sentences to test out how it would sound. This helps me begin so I can try to create
a strong thesis statement. In most papers a strong thesis statement allows the writer to more
easily transition throughout his or her paper because they have a base structure of what they are
going to write about. After I begin on a paper if I get stuck I have learned that the teacher is a
great resource to exercise during the year. For example during Assignment two I lost sight of the

papers message. At this point I wanted to give up and turn it in as is, but instead I decided to take
it in and see if my teacher couldnt help me gain any lost ground. Mrs. Futhey helped me to
rethink what I had already written so I could finish with a strong conclusion. I have also reached
out to her on assignment five. This helped me acknowledge that how my paragraphs were placed
makes a huge difference in how the paper flows when read. When writing a more scholarly
article I will now remember to make sure all my paragraphs are structured to hold the same
orientation as the next to hold a more steady tone within my paper.
As well as developing a better communication habit I also focused on communication
development through WOVE. Before entering English 150 it found I had a particular set of skills
in the Oral aspect of WOVE. It was always easy for me to lead a discussion. I loved talking in
front of my peers and never shied away from being one of the first to present. However this
changed during these last two semesters. I took more of a stand back approach so I could see
how others presented. I used my fellow peers to set a mark for oral presentstions. Good length,
revelevent information, and lots of crowd eye contact is a few of what makes a good
presentation. A benefit I gained from taking a step back is the acknowledgment of Visuals in ones
writing. A Visual can make or break your topic of discussion. There are many underlying aspects
that fall into a visual. The picture must be relevant to your topic, and appealing to the eyes. It
should also help to revel your main subject or feeling without too much question. Assignment
three and five both included a visual. I created a poster for assignment five that encased many
beautiful pictures to portray my art piece on campus. Throughout this semester I the visual aspect
of WOVE has given my work a little extra flare. During these few semesters in English 150 I
have learned more about dedication as well. My class started at Nine a.m. and was the first class
of my day. I often found it hard to get up and physically go to this class. Not because I didnt like

the class just simply because I dont sleep very well. I racked up Nine absents and this caused
problems for my teacher and I. My grade will now be docked due to my absents.
English 150 was an all-around learning experience. Finding a new strength in the visual
aspect of WOVE and using my teacher as a key resource have all factored to my exciting
experience during this semester. Although I didnt reach my goal for the oral aspect I made up
for in my better understanding of Visuals. I will continue to strive for new and better
communication habits, and to continue to build my communication development through more
com courses at Iowa State. English 150 has contributed greatly to more structured paragraphs in
my writing and I look forward to the opportunity in advancing my knowledge in the coming