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2016 2017 Classes

Registration and Eligibility

We believe that children exceed their

Monday to Friday

Registration Fee


9:00 am to 12:30 pm

$100 non-refundable annual registration fee




interactions and through play. We recognize

per family and it is due at the time of

Ratio: 2 teachers to 12 children

that encouragement, proper guidance, and



stimulation help children to master their

milestones. We also believe that exposing

children to a second language benefits them

Three Years Olds:

tremendously. Furthermore, we encourage and

Tuesday and Thursday

Three day program: $45

Five day program: $65

Four Year Olds:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Monthly Fees

Two day program: $250

Aprenda Preschool school uses a creative and

Five Years Olds:

Three day program: $300

unique program with a coordinated approach

Monday through Friday

Five day program: $350

promote healthy relationships between our

students, families and colleagues.


Annual Supply Fee per class

Two day program: $35

to the English curriculum. Children have the

opportunity to learn a second language,

understand, speak, read and write basic words

along with the English language that we teach

Minimum Age Requirements:

in the same progression.

Aprenda Preschool follows the Fairfax County

Each classroom has learning centers which

Public Schools guidelines. Children must be their

provide interactive & educational experiences





Literature, Dramatic Play, Art, Manipulative,

respective ages by September, 30th.

We encourage potty trained children, but we

understand that every child develops differently

Sensory and Science activities, Writing, Music

& Movement and Spanish.

and we can make exceptions. We provide

accommodations for children with special needs.


Daily Routine

Aprenda Preschool uses the Standards for

Arrival Time





Teacher greets children, discuss activities

Developmentally Appropriate Guidelines

for the day, calendar, weather.

and the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)

Approaches to Learning. Our high quality

Children - directed Centers

bilingual teachers are developmentally

Art Projects, Dramatic Play, Manipulative,

appropriate. They organize and prepare

Sensory and Science Activities, Blocks and


Spanish, Writing.


A Bilingual Way of Learning



Snack time

School provides snack.

(We are nut free)

Aprenda Preschool believes in a bilingual way of
learning. Childrens learning experience is expanded
through the combination of play and exposure to a
new language. We believe that diversity of language
is a strength that can be used to enhance the
learning experience of children. Likewise, Aprenda
Preschool recognizes that all forms of family
diversity play an important role in the learning
process, and we support all types of families.
Aprenda Preschool values the diversity of family
culture and language. We acknowledge that not all
families share the same beliefs, but together we are
stronger. We welcome families with different social
and economic backgrounds. We advocate and
support children with special needs and special
family circumstances. All families are equally
welcome. We proudly ensure that children will
achieve their potential with the support of families,
staff and community.

Group Activities
Story Time, Songs, Finger plays both
English and Spanish, Movement & Music.

Playground Time

Parents must follow the pick-up policy




Our mission is to expand childrens learning

through the combination of play, exploration,
critical thinking, problem-solving and
exposure to a second language. We call this
A bilingual way of learning.

13227 Stone Heather Drive

Herndon, VA 20171
703- 901-2526
by Sara Quinn
CHD 270