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Hayley Watson
Deby Jizi
UWRT 1102-09
17 March 2016

Double Entry Journal

Citation: Knopf, Alison. "MMR Vs. Autism: a False Choice." The Brown University Child and
Adolescent Behavior Letter. 31 (2015): 1-2. Print

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It started more than a decade ago when

Andrew Wakefield, a now-discredited
physician in England, published a study that
suggested a link between the MMR vaccine
and autism. That study has been retracted.
Wakefield lost his medical license. Page 1

I have always wondered how the notion of

vaccinations lead to autism. I wonder if he did
find real evidence but the AAP did not want it
coming out so they decided to discredit him
and take his license so he would not create a
huge mess. Much like the whole concussion

The beloved childrens book author wrote a

poignant public letter afterwards, urging
parents to vaccinate their children, nothing
that 1-2 out of every 1,00 children who gets
measles will die, and there is nothing
physicians can do about it. They can,
however, prevent it. Page 1

It is scary to think that doctors cant do

anything to treat measles. This statistic helps
put into perspective how important it is to get
vaccinations so your child doesnt have to run
the risk of getting this disease or others and
dying or suffering horrible side effects.

Parents who have relied on herd

immunity, which takes place when the vast
majority of a population is immune to a
highly contagious disease like measles, can
no longer do so. Page 1.

It is crazy to think that herd immunity does

not exist anymore because there is so many
people that have not developed immunity
because they arent getting vaccinated.

Of all of the medical societies, it is the one

that consistently lobbies for the benefit of
the moneyless patients: children. Page 1

This is interesting because sometimes I think

that the medical profession is out to get
money but it is nice to know that they are
actually in this for the good of the children.

The huge amount of time they spend trying

to convince parents to have their children

I did not know that medical professionals do

not really benefit from the vaccines that they

Watson 2
vaccinated is unreimbursed. The amount
they are paid for administering a vaccine is
negligible. Page 1

are actually doing this awareness for the

common good. Makes me rethink that maybe
vaccines are what they are saying they are.

Over the last two decades, extensive

research has asked whether there is any link
between childhood vaccinations and
autism, said Rob Ring, chief science
officer, in a statement. The results of this
research are clear: Vaccines do not cause
autism. We urge that all children be fully
vaccinated. Page 2

This shows proof that the vaccinations do not

cause autism. It talks about a study and its
clear results. There is not a slight chance.

Last summer, Pediatrics published a review

on vaccine safety, noting that concerns have
led parents to avoid vaccination, which in
turn has led to a resurgence of disease. Page

The scary reality is that because people are

refusing to get vaccinated the diseases that the
vaccines were preventing are becoming a
problem again.

Safety of vaccines used for routine

immunization of U.S. children: A systematic
review. This review found strong evidence
that MMR vaccine is not associated with
autism. Page 2

This is the review that shows that there is no

correlation between autism and the MMR