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If the Manhattan Project was made by idiots

Oppenheimer was my first
choice for a character because
he was central to the Manhattan
Changing Oppenheimer from a
human into a robot was not
easy, it required quite a few
designs before I settled on the
final design of him as a
robot/tank machine.
I still like this design a lot, it

My concept for Oppenheimer
changed slightly during the
modelling phase. These were
just small changes to the design
of the model.
I created the high-polygon mesh
first and then created the lowpolygon mesh afterwards.
The only things that I didnt
model at this point where the
tank treads and the powerpipes wire. These were made
during the rigging stage.

The benefit of making the high-poly

mesh before the low-poly mesh was

that it meant the model was available
for making Normal and Ambient
Occlusion maps before the main
texturing phase.
Not all of the model uses Normal
maps but everything else uses
Ambient Occlusion maps.


The emitters tried to replicate the
smoke from Oppenheimers cigarette
and the energy from the power-pipe.
None of these were particularly
The tank treads turned out very well
and flow nicely. The tank treads and
the wheels both have separate rigs
and controls for both, whenever the
model moves one must manipulate
both controls to simulate movement.

These are some final renders of my
model inside a Manhattan project
test zone.

A back image of the

A view on the inner
section of the model.


This a turnaround video of my

model in a small testing zone.

This is a simulation of the
character picking up and
storing an object for use.