C R I T – 2 9 TH A P R I L 2 01 6

Because there is still some magic left
in the world, Baggywrinkle turns into a
real boy when the old Beachcomber
carves him from a mast. But
Baggywrinkle is blind, and a dream tells
him that to earn his eyesight he must
find the River of See-Through Things.
So Baggywrinkle, the Beachcomber
and their friend Timbuctoo (a beautiful
talking bird) set out across West Africa
on their adventure meeting smugglers,
gigantic spiders and the Mad Tycoon
along the way.

Picture an old man, even older than your
grandfather, sitting in front of the fireplace in
a small cottage by the edge of the sea. He
has shaggy white hair all over his head, and
lots of white whiskers too. His trousers are
too big for him and his sweater is too small.