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Christine Romano

Education Field Experience EDUC 230-02

Professor Suk
Spring 2016
Classroom Procedures/Rules

Classroom Procedures:
1. Come in class and take a seat.
There will be a word on a board. Find and copy the definition as given in your
textbook. Then, rewrite your own definition to help you better comprehend what
it means.
Take out any homework due that class period.
Once done, if we are working on something in class, you can begin reading ahead.
If not, just wait for me to begin class.

2. At the end of each class:

Clear the desks and put them back as you found them.
In the occasion of a Ticket Out, Place in the bin outside of the door on your way
out. (Any found in a spot other than the bin will be thrown out on the
assumption that it was an error.)

Classroom Rules:
1. Come to class prepared.

Bring your pencils/pens to class every day! I will have extras but once they are
gone, they are gone.

Consequence: Coming into class late or unprepared multiple times will result in a
zero for any assignment you were unable to complete.

2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving the classroom.

Students are to raise their hands before speaking. I love to hear what you have to
say, but it is hard if people are talking over each other!

If you have to use to bathroom or run to your locker, thats fine! Just let me know
first and I will almost always give you a pass.

Consequence: Failure to get a pass (unless told otherwise) will result in the loss of
being able to go when you want to the next time.

3. Language

We are in school! The way you talk to your friends on your free time is up to you,
but in my classroom profanity is not acceptable. Talk in class the way that you
talk to your grandparents! Keep it clean.

Consequence: If profanity is constantly used, the student will be asked to refrain

from using inappropriate language. Repeated offenses will result in a meeting
with the students parents. The third offence will result in the student being
removed from the classroom indefinitely.

4. Respect your peers, your teacher, and yourself!

Respect is an essential part of creating an enjoyable classroom. Give respect and

you will receive respect!

Consequence: Lack of respect will not be tolerated. Any student who is

disrespectful will result in a letter home. Continuation of this will result in a
meeting with the parent(s) of the student.

There is nothing that I want more than to reward good behavior in my classroom!

How to get rewards:

Help your peers! I may be the teacher but that doesnt mean that you dont know
the answers just as much as I do! If your classmate has a question and you know
the answer, help them!

Show Improvement! If you are working hard and striving forward in class, I will
notice! Keep it up!

Constantly do your work! If you always hand in homework, essays, etc. You are
truly working hard to keep up your grade. I appreciate it and I will reward it!

What are the rewards?

Extra Credit on homework, quiz, or test grade!

No Homework Pass

If the entire class goes five consecutive days with everyone completing their
homework, (absences are exceptions), we will have a party the following
Friday! For this, we can either have a Pizza party, Dunkin Donuts, or any
suggestions within reason. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!