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Christine Romano

Professor Suk
Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Spring 2016
Rationale Statement
Statement of Standard Nine Professional Learning
The teacher engages in ongoing individual and collaborative professional learning designed to
impact practice in ways that lead to improved learning for each student, using evidence of
student achievement, action research and best practice to expand a repertoire of skills, strategies,
materials, assessments, assessments and ideas to increase student learning. (NJPTSB, 2014,
Name of Artifact: Blog Post and MLTS Reflection
Date of Artifact: April 2016
Course: Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Rationale Statement:
The artifact that relates to NJPTSB Standard 9.1 Performances is my blog reflections that
I provided throughout my time as a pre-service teacher. The teacher engages in ongoing
learning opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in order to provide all learners with
engaging curriculum and learning experiences based on local and state standards. For this
artifact, I had to create blog posts centered on my experiences while at my cooperating school.
The topics that I wrote about were primarily regarding my first day at NHHS, my overall
experience, what I learned while at the MLTS event, as well as a final post where I explain how
thankful I was to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an insightful experience. This
relates to standard nine the most because I actively engaged myself in an unfamiliar classroom,
as well as taught lessons. My blog posts help others who are interested in teaching get a feel for
what is to come for themselves.
While writing my blog posts, I learned a tremendous amount about what it means to be a
teacher. For instance, I had the privilege to sit down and actually think about what went on
during my day as a pre-service teacher. I believe that as a teacher, it is crucial to go back and
reflect on all that you do so that if you must, you can make changes to lessons, or you can give
yourself credit on what you are doing right. Writing blog posts helped me reflect on myself as
well as my cooperating teacher, and allowed me to ask myself and her questions that I had about
the profession. I strongly believe that the blog reflections helped me grow as a pre-service
teacher, and I hope to have the chance to have my own pre-service student one day when I have
my own classroom.
This artifact can be used within my future profession because I can always look back and
see how much I developed between the times that I wrote my blog, to the time that I became an
actual educator. These blogs will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I plan on continuing to
blog throughout the rest of my career. Not only for myself, but so that in the future when I have
my own classroom, I can show my blog to my students who are interested in becoming teachers
themselves and hopefully encourage them to follow through with their goals.

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