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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION KOLTON BOYER During the spring semester of the 2015-2016 school year, | was the Drake University Student Teaching ‘Supervisor for Kolton Boyer. Kolton was assigned to Carlisle Middle School in Carlisle, lowa, where he ‘taught sixth grade Science. Kolton has a strong science background that he used to create instructional lessons that caught the student's interest and were appropriate for the age and developmental level of the students. His lesson plans were always complete containing a clearly stated objective, effective teaching strategies and formative assessments. Each lesson observed contained student based activities that required the students to work with partners or in small groups. Working with limited lab space, his lab activities utilized resources and materials that students could manage at their desks. Kolton did a very good job of presenting content and materials that offered all students the opportunity to be successful. Kolton quickly developed a good working relationship with his students. He has a teaching style that supports student learning and creativity. He incorporated effective classroom management techniques that allowed the students some freedom, but still kept the class under control. The student on-task behavior was very good and students were easily redirected when necessary. A part of each lesson were accommodations made for special needs students that included modified lesson content and test taking procedures. Kolton’s style is very effective with working with students of this age group. His skil working with individual students and his patience made a positive classroom environment. Kolton has the effective teaching characteristics that will make him an effective classroom teacher. He worked well with his mentor and with other staff members. | highly recommend him for a full time teaching position. eve badtitull ell, Drake University Student Teaching Supervisor