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Finally, you are all done with Initiation. Your schedule is a work
of art. Your Project Charter inspires masses to commit great
deeds. Your Project Plan is correct and complete. You think you
are done? Not until you have a signature of someone that mat-
ters on a piece of paper that certifies that your opinion of your

122Section I:2 Project Initiation

NYS Project Management Guidebook

Section I:2 Project Initiation123

NYS Project Management Guidebook

work is justified, and that you have authorization to proceed to
the next phase.

Remember that unless you are in the highly unusual situation
of being your own boss, you do not have the authority to certi-
fy your own work, or the clout to commit resources to continue.
And unless you want to go very far out on that proverbial limb,
you need to have proof that someone with proper authority –
most likely, your Project Sponsor – is on board with what you
have done, and what you are about to do.

No matter how happy your Customers and your Project Sponsor
may be with your approach and your schedule, no matter how
enthusiastic your Project Team, or your whole department, is
with your plans, the only cover that you will have when things
go terribly wrong (which, of course, if you’ve done everything
correctly – including getting the approval form – will not hap-
pen) is that signature on that piece of paper. So please, do
yourself a favor, and get that bulletproof vest before venturing
into the shooting gallery known as The Rest of the Project.

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