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AGREEMENT Made this _____day of _________2010 by and between CASE42

Creative Media hereinafter referred to as " PRODUCER " of 22606 E. Heroy
Ave, Otis Orchards, WA 99027 and Chase Hubbard hereinafter referred to as
the “ARTIST"


In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, it is hereby

agreed as follows;

Producer agrees to provide production services as an independent producer

and the necessary studio facilities to Artist, for the immediate purpose
of producing and exploiting a master demonstration record (“ master
demo “) and for the further purpose of assisting in the development of
the Artist's career.

This is a demo in order to shop artist to other labels. The master demo can
be turn into a master should a record deal develop.

Producer agrees to produce ( 3 or 4 ) songs on the recording Artist into a

mixed, finished recording of each song, for a fee of $ _________ To be
paid as follows, 50% of total amount of recording cost will be
mandatory, the balance of $_______shall be paid by certified check on
or before the recording session.

The Fees will be based on 3 or 4 songs and is only the production cost. The
producer in some cases waves the fee. It is mandatory to deposit
50% of the total due. When a producer calls the players for a
session, he is responsible to pay them. The deposit only shows
that the artist is in good faith and is not taking advantage of the
producer or his staff. The producer's job is to find material for
the artist, booking the studio, securing musicians for the session
that fits the artist style. The fees are paid for services rendered,
"work for hire" and non-refunded. The producer does not pay
for any production cost and does can not guarantee any success
due to the very nature of the music business.

Artist and Producer ( parties ) agree to seek an exclusive artist/producer

recording contract with a nationally distributed record company
( RECORDING CONTRACT ), providing for (a) a commitment of at least
two singles in the initial year and at least one (1) LP, or its equivalent,
a year in not more than four (4) option years, and (b) a basic combined
artist-producer royalty of not less than sixteen per cent (16% )of one
hundred per cent (100%) of the retail selling price, subject to
customary adjustments for tape, foreign, record clubs, budget records,
container charges, etc.

Number 3 only takes place if the producer gets you signed to a label. If he
does not get you signed, CASE42 Creative Media may offer you a
single record deal not less than described in number 3 above.
The 16% of 100% of the retail selling price is subject to change
as the music industry changes.

The parties shall share equally in all advances and royalties received under
the Recording Contract, and under any alternate or substitute
agreement. The shares shall be payable only after recoupment of all
recording cost are paid to the artist, producer or investors as described
in paragraph 2, above of this agreement.

If a label advances you and the producer a royalty ( Example ) $20,000.00

And your production cost is $6,000.00. The total amount that is
divided in half is $14,000.00 between you and your producer,
you would get your production cost of $6,000.00 plus $7,000.00
a total of $13,000.00 and the producer would get $7,000.00.

Artist agrees that producer will continue as Artist's Producer for the full term,
including any exercised options, of the Recording Contract, and of any
alternate or substituted agreements with respect to the Recording

This section protects the producer. If the producer gets you signed he is
entitled to stay on as your producer unless a mutual agreement
is made between all parties at the signing.

Artist agrees to execute, at Producer's request, a Recording Contract which

contains terms and conditions no less favorable to the Artist than those
set forth above.

Applies to number 3 above. Should CASE42 Creative Media offer you a

record deal, it shall not be less than the percentage offered on
the agreement stated above.

In the event that Producer has not negotiated a Recording Contract within a
period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date hereof, Artist shall have the right
to terminate this contract by written notice by registered or certified

The parties agree that the term of this agreement shall extend for the full
term of the Recording Contract, as same may be extended through the
exercise of options, and such term as extended of any alternate or
substitute agreements. If an option is not exercised under any such
agreement, the term of this agreement shall be deemed extended for
an additional six (6) months for the purpose of obtaining an alternate
or substitute agreement.

In the event that the parties are unable to obtain a Recording Contract within
nine (9) months from the date of this agreement, Producer may
authorize the release, on a regional or national basis, of any master
demo produced under this agreement upon the minimum royalty and
the participation terms of Paragraphs 2 and 3 hereof.

As to any composition written or controlled directly or indirectly by Artist

which is recorded and released pursuant to the provisions hereof,
Artist agrees to assign to producer a fifty percent (50%) undivided
interest in Artist's interest in the copyright of the composition, as well
as the sole and exclusive right to administer and protect both Parties,
interest in the composition throughout the world, for the full life of the
copyright. Producer will account to Artist, and pay Artist, semiannually
within sixty (60) days after July 1 and December 31 of each year, fifty
per cent (50%) of the net publisher's share actually received by
Producer or its representative in the U.S.A. and remaining after
deduction of writer royalties and other direct cost. If Artist is a writer
of such a composition, Artist and Producer shall enter into a
songwriter-publisher contract on the terms of The Songwriter's Guild
minimum basic form contract.

Only pertains to you if you are the song writer of the material being
recorded. Because the producer has waved his producer fee or
has out of pocket expenses. He shall administer at least 50% of
the publishing rights of the song. This does not mean he will own
any part of the writers rights. The writer maintains 100% writer
and 50% Publishing. The Producer owns only 50% of the
Publishing. If material is obtained by the producer, the material is
owned by the publisher and the copyright owners of the material
which has granted the producer the right to use said material as
a master demo.

Producer agrees to be available for actual production services as an

independent producer pursuant to this agreement. In the event of the
Producer's disability or other unavailability for such services, any
substitute for Producer must be mutually approved, which approval
shall not be unreasonable withheld. The cost of any such substitute
shall be charged against the participation of the Producer.

In the event of any unresolved controversy between the parties relating to

this agreement, the parties shall submit the same to a single arbitrator
for final determination under the then applicable rules of the American
Arbitration Association in the city of Nashville, County of Davidson
State of Tennessee, and judgment may be entered upon any such
award in any court having jurisdiction.

Sometimes you have a misunderstanding between you and the producer. A

lot of times this can be resolved by just talking it out. If not then
the American Arbitration Association helps resolve the matter.

No breach of this agreement by either Party shall be deemed material,

unless the other Party gives written notice of the breach by registered
certified mail, and the recipient of the notice has failed to cure the
breach within (30) days after the receipt of such notice.

A notice sent by registered certified mail, to the party that has a dispute.
This puts the party on notice that he must respond and correct or
cure the misunderstanding.

Producer shall account and pay royalties to Artist semiannually within (60)
days after receipt from a record company pursuant to a Recording
Contract. Receipts contemplated under Paragraph 9 above shall also
be so accounted for.

Pertains to artist that the producer was able to secure a recording contract.

Artist shall have the right to audit the books and records of Producer, no
more than once annually, upon reasonable written notice with respect
to all matters hereunder; Audits shall be performed during business
hours at Producer's offices by certified public accountant.

Pertains to money received by producer to share with artist from a

record company or assignment.

Artist agrees that because his or her services are unique and extraordinary
and cannot be adequately compensated for in damages, Producer shall
be entitled to injunctive relief, in addition to damages, to enforce the
provisions of this agreement.

Producer may assign its rights under this agreement, in whole or in part, to
any subsidiary, affiliated or controlling corporation or to any other
assignee, provided that such assignment shall not relieve Producer of
its obligations under this agreement. Producer may also assign its
rights under this agreement to any of its licensees, in the ordinary
course of business, to the extent necessary or appropriate, in
Producer's sole discretion, to implement the license granted.

If the producer does not have the right to assign his rights, then it would be
hard for the producer to solicit an artist to a label. However the
person he assigns this to must honor this agreement.
Producer may act as "booking agent;" seeking out and contracting for public

Producer agrees to ensure the availability of Artist for said engagements

before contracts are entered into.

Producer will always seek top dollar for each engagement, but Artist agrees
herein that some engagements will be done without
compensation in order to raise the public profile of Artist.

Producer will secure photographs of Artist for use in promotional material.

Costs for various marketing materials will be presented to Artist before

ordering them, and Artist has the opportunity to approve or deny
any material costs, which may be reimbursed from any royalties
paid from engagements or recording contracts.

Producer may assign musicians to Artist for the purpose of performing at

public engagements.

This agreement shall be deemed made in and shall be construed in

accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.

This agreement may not be modified orally and shall not be binding until it is
signed by both Parties hereto.

If you have any question regarding this contract feel free to contact
Dave McClave or

Shane Baldwin of CASE42 Creative Media at 509-270-3500

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have entered into this

agreement the day and year first above written.

_____________________________________________ Date _______________


_____________________________________________ Date _______________

David McClave, Producer CASE42 Creative Media