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Reflection Piece
Keyana S Jackson
Winston Salem State University
EDU 4339 Spring 2016


Computer Experience

Before I enrolled in this course I thought I knew more about the technology. I have used
many of the programs and software that we were required to use in this course, however, I did
not use the programs incorporated into this course in depth. I learned the basic of the programs
such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint but I was not aware of the countless options available to
enhance documents and displays. I was not aware of Inspiration but I now desire to use
Inspirations as a tool in my classroom. After going to class and receiving the syllabus, I knew I
needed to learn more about technology to able to properly integrate it into my future classroom.
For example, I used Microsoft PowerPoint in about all my courses through college, however, I
did not know there were a variety of tools available to enhance the display. There are
navigational tools available that allow the creator to make different pathways. Adding a recorded
voice is another tool I was not aware of. I added my voice to one of the slides that read the
directions listed on the slide. Voice recording can be essential when there is substitute. After
taking this course, I know how to create concepts maps, gradebooks, newsletters, mail merges,
and field trip permission forms. Before taking this class I did realize how much technology is
used in classrooms. It is the teacher’s responsibility to be aware of 21st century learning
Integrating Media and Technology in P-12 Settings allowed me to use various programs
as hand-on experience that will allow me to maximize instruction in my classroom. I am now
more familiar with Microsoft Access. I did not know how to operate this software before being
enrolled in this course. Access allows users to start from scratch and build a documents in
different way that will allow users to make unique handouts. I understand the concept of making



a webpage and also able to use the same website to make my own personally website in the
future. I am aware of social, ethical, and legal issues that are related to the use of technology.
Many students do not have accesses to technology or internet; therefore, it is important to be
mindful of the students’ situations. Students should be granted the opportunity to use technology
while in their classroom so they are still able to experience the use of technology and media. I
am now able to create technology-rich learning environments. Technology-rich learning
environments will help engages students. I did not gain more information about spreadsheets. I
desire to learn more about spreadsheet because I know they can be used others ways in a
classroom. A gradebook is a great tool to learn how to use but, I would prefer to know how to use
Microsoft Excel in other ways.
Views on Technology
Technology is essential in 21st learning environments and should be incorporated in North
Carolina Schools. Integrating technology is important in all classrooms despite the age of the
students. Media can be used in preschool classes and high school classes. Teachers should be
familiar with the use of technology to promote technology-rich learning environments.
Technology allows students the opportunity to use hands-on activities to facilitate learning. The
use of technology also allows teachers to meet the diverse needs of all learners. Student are
granted the same opportunities with the use of technology in the classroom. Without the use of
technology students might lose interest in the topics being taught. Incorporating videos or
pictures could be used to keep students interested in the topic. Technology allows students to
gain independence and take control of their learning. Students can work independently or with a
partner completing assignments online and teachers and monitor their process. Technology is
used in real world situations such as college settings or job settings. Students should receive



proper training on how to use safely use technology. Teachers should alert students about proper
communication and rules of using technology such as copyright laws. Technology supports
students learning environment and used be used in North Carolina Classroom to allow students
the opportunity to become active participates in digital world we live in. Without the use of
technology students cannot advance.
Teaching Philosophy
I believe every child can learn and has the potential to succeed and integrating technology
into classrooms will allow students the opportunity to become more successful. Each student has
their own learning style. Hands-on activities such as the use of Smart Boards can enhance a
student’s learning. I also believe instruction should be interactive and interesting. The use of the
various programs introduces in this course can generated interactive activities for students at
multiple grade levels. I believe teachers should be highly qualified and enrolling in this course
holds me accountable to becoming qualified to teach my future students about the resources I
was introduced to. I cannot expect my students to understand a program that I do not know how
to operate. Teaching should also be based on each individual. There countless ways to integrate
technology into classrooms that will meet the diverse needs of each students. Teachers should
serve as role-models for their students. Display my mastery of various programs will encourage
students to take control of their learning which will lead to positive learning environments.
Classrooms should promote positive learning environments and also promote stimulating
environments. Stimulating environments can built on the use of technology.
ISTE Technology Standards
All of the artifacts in my portfolio meet ISTE standards because each artifact was
designed to improve learning, enrich professional practice, and promote technology. The digital



portfolio meets ISTE standards because teachers are required to demonstrate proper knowledge
in technology systems and use prior knowledge to advance with new technology. The Newsletter
gives teachers the opportunity to communicate with parents and students using digital resources
that supports relevant information. The gradebook assignment uses current digital tools to
analyze and evaluate students. The concept map assignment allows teacher to promote student
reflection which I related to the performance indicators for teachers. The Smart Board
assignment promotes and models advanced thinking that incorporates real word issues. The
Smart Board assignments also allows teachers to use their knowledge to inspire student learning
and creativity. The TIP assignment promotes teacher creativity and developing authentic learning
experiences through the use of digital tools. The Social-Ethical-Legal Issues assignment
promotes and model digital citizenship and responsibility. This assignment made sure we
understood the local issues and responsibilities in evolving digital tool ad technology. It also
address the diverse need of all different types of learner such as students that do not have access
to computers.