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Patel 1

Urviben Patel
Professor Intawiwat
23 April 2016
Final Reflection
Dear Prof. Intawiwat,
The first assignment that I have put on my E-portfolio is the very first writing assignment
that you had assigned us. It was a cause and effect essay. The music essay where we had to write
whether music affects culture or I culture affects music. We were given the option to write about
a music composer and reflect about his music and reflect on the culture of his era. I chose to
write about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart being the most celebrated composer of the 17th and the
18th century I decided to make my audience more aware of the amazing music he had composed
and his achievements at a very young age. My essay includes how music had influenced the
culture of his time. The goal I was trying to achieve through this essay was to learn more about
how to write and organize a cause and effect essay and also got to learn more about Mozart. The
Rough drafts of my essay doesn’t always turn out to be special, it’s always after a peer review
you know what you missing in your essay. Each time I read through my essay there are some or
the other changes that were missing. In the end, that’s the whole reason behind why we need to
revise our essays. I liked the way my essay turned out; I kept in mind all the changes my peers
had asked me to make. I enjoyed working on this assignment and I love the way the essay came
along. One of the most interesting things I found about this assignment was how Mozart could
play the harpsichord and the violin at the six, and he began his music career at a ripe age of six.
The writing that was most challenging for me was the discovery. This was the assignment
that I stressed about all this semester. Until we stated working on the brainstorming activity I had
no clue about what I was going to do for the final discovery essay. The brainstorming activity
that we did in the library was very helpful. It helped me figure out my topic and what I would be
writing for my proposal paper.

Patel 2
The proposal letter began with just the knowledge I had about the adventure and
discovery. The main purpose of the proposal paper was to let my audience know about the
advantages of going on an adventure, also increase their awareness about the risks, and inform
them about the health benefits of adventure. The content of the proposal paper doesn’t include
the information about risk management and the health benefits of adventure. It contains the basic
information like how adventure can have a health benefits, but I did not mention what kind of
health benefits. Even for the risks I mentioned how going on an adventure can be risky, but did
not include the different types of risks and ways to prevent them. The peer review of the proposal
letter really helped get ideas about what ideas the audience will be looking forward to. While
doing to the revision of the essay the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs were the ones
that needed a lot of change.
Annotated bibliography was the lengthiest assignment that was assigned to us for this
class. The Annotated bibliography contain three sources from the library database, one general
internet source, one book related to the topic, and one movie. After reading the proposal paper
the audience might have been looking for more information about adventure and discovery. This
assignment has helped me look for more credible and reliable source. The main purpose of this
assignment was to help look for the most credible and reliable source and also learn how to cite
and evaluate on the article. The most interesting thing about the book Into Thin Air is that it was
written by the same author Jon Krakauer who wrote Into the World.
The final assignment that I did was the writing an essay in form of a visual aid. This was
something new and had never had an opportunity to point the main points of my essay on a
visual aid. I decided to use a prezi because I is very effective and allows you to make the
presentation more attractive. The prezi includes the information about adventure and also
includes slides about the risks of going on an adventure and how to prevent them. To boost up
the audiences adventure planning I included some of the health benefits of going on an
The first journal we worked on was the narrative we had to write from the first chapter
about narrative. From four questions I picked Memoir/Reflection and wrote and wrote about my
parents and how their decision made a big difference in my life. The purpose of this journal was

Patel 3
to write a narrative. The content of the narrative included the story of my life when I was put into
boarding school. It included my feelings and the way I never appreciated the efforts my parents
put behind my education. Today, I am really thankful to them and today all I have achieved it’s
because of them. I wanted to convey to my audience that whatever happens it happens for a
reason. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this journal because before this I had never thought so
deep about what my parents had done for me. This narrative assignment wasn’t as big as the
others, but has definitely improved my writing. Narratives are the ones I love to write the most.
The second journal entry was about discussing sources and the best and the worst places
to find sources and why. The journal also includes the purpose of incorporating sources. The
whole purpose of the journal entry was to help us understand value and the importance of
looking for the most credible and reliable sources. The context of the paper included my views
about the search for library database activity. This assignment wasn’t a long writing assignment
and hence did not require a lot of revision and peer reviews. This paper wasn’t that hard as it
looked. The writing had become easy because of the annotated bibliography paper that was
assigned to us.
The homework assignment was assigned to us from the textbook. We had to respond to
question 4 on page 661. The homework was to write something about neologism and talk about a
new word. The context includes the new word LOL which basically everyone uses today. It has
been added to the Oxford English dictionary. This assignment was personally very interesting to
me. I enjoyed this because it was something new. I did not know anything about neologism
In the end, the assignment that I enjoyed doing the most was making the prezi because it
was fun and exciting. This was the first time that I have ever made a prezi. Other assignment
including the music essay, proposal letter, brainstorming assignment, journals and homework
assignments come second on the list of my most favorites. The assignment that I dread doing the
most was the annotated bibliography. It was very time consuming and required a lot of work.
Looking for the sources and writing four paragraphs for each one was something I wasn’t
looking forward for.

Patel 4
Honestly, I haven’t participated in the class maybe because I am a little shy. Even if I had
to ask question I prefer asking the teacher in person. Throughout this semester I think my writing
has improved a lot. I have definitely learnt a lot from this class like, looking for good sources and
mainly about adventure and discovery. I always expect my grades to be an A. I think I have
worked hard enough in this class and deserve an A. Not knowing mush English I have tried to do
all the assignments the best I could.