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Evaluation of Individual Group Members

1. Please rank the members of your group (top high, bottom low) on the two criteria below. Include
yourself. If you want to rank people on each item, feel free. Even if everyone contributed equally,
rank the group and explain your ranking.
2. Briefly explain why you ranked people as you did. Give each person a final group contribution
3. Submit the evaluation through the link in SafeAssign (evaluations).
I. Contribution to the Group Task. The person:
Did his or her share of the work as agreed, plus more.
The work was done on time.
The work was done well.
Worked to gain sound knowledge so that his or her contributions were useful to the group.
Actively contributed with ideas or idea development. Was not passive, i.e. Whatever you
guys want is fine with me. Just dont ask me to think or do any work.
II. Contribution to Group Well Being: The person:
Was motivated and helped motivate others.
Didnt demand his or her own way.
Supported other peoples ideas as well as his or her own.
Was willing to work around his or her schedule.
Took initiative, i.e. did not expect others to call, rather called the group. Offered to do tasks
rather than making the group assign tasks, etc.
Didnt hinder progress, i.e. didnt spend excessive time joking, needing things explained,
Please give each person the grade you think they deserved for overall group
contributions. You may give + and .
A - Far above average. Did exceptional work and was an unusually great team member.
B - Above average. Their work was very good plus they were strong on group well-being.
C - Average. Usually contributed their share of the work, work was usually done on time, work was
usually OK. Added some to group well-being.
D - Below average. Did not contribute their share of the work or what they did was minimal and
sloppy. Added some stress to the group.

F - Far below average. Didnt do much work or work was mostly unusable. Added a lot of stress to
the group.