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The Best Way to change the World

Our world is a place full of intrigue and greatness. Humans are not perfect
though. Kidnappings, school shootings, terrorist attacks, and starvation are just a
few of today’s many problems. Throughout time, many scholars have tried to come
up with the best ways to change the world for the better, but none of them can
figure it out and execute it properly. The best way to change the world is through
sympathy and empathy for others. With these ideals, people would be able to
properly love each other and give each other the care and attention that they need.
Some of the ways that have been shown to improve this and some great examples
of how sympathy and empathy have changed the world are through The Overview
Effect, Homeless Jesus, and Mother Teresa.
The Overview Effect has had a tremendous effect on the world. The idea of
this was created by Frank White. He wanted to give a name to the effect that seeing
Earth from space was giving astronauts. The astronauts had come back down to
Earth and felt overwhelmed with the unity that they felt that the world had, and
how small seeing Earth from space made them feel. This led to many of the
astronauts becoming more religious, and giving back more. Space is what made
their sympathy and empathy level for others evolve. Many of the astronauts
believed that all the world leaders should go to space because they would realize
that in space there are no borders, no politics, not even anger, all that Earth was in
space was peace. Carl Sagen branched out on the idea of The Overview Effect with
his idea of The Pale Blue Dot. He got this idea from the Voyager’s picture it had sent
back when it got outside of our solar system. The only thing that could be seen in
the dark, abbess in space was a blurry, blue dot. He wrote on how small it made him
feel and how that the world is fighting and in war for a corner of a blue dot. He

made everyone feel small, and rather than spending our time fighting, we need to
be helping. Helping others and our planet because it is the only inhabitable planet
we have found in the universe. The picture of the Pale Blue Dot and Carl Sagen’s
writings on it are great because everyone, not only astronauts, can experience the
unity, sympathy, and empathy that the astronauts experienced when they came
Homeless Jesus is another great way to improve the world’s sympathy and
empathy. Homeless Jesus was created by a church that paid for a statue to be put
in. They put Jesus in the cloaks of a homeless man lying on a bench. At people’s first
glace they were startled to see a homeless man sleeping on a bench in their
community, but once they took a closer look, they started to praise Him. This
probably influenced them to start to love on homeless people rather than scorn
them. The next time they saw a homeless man, they thought of Jesus rather than a
dirty man who eats trash. In Matthew 25, they talk about this, when you help the
poor you are helping God. This helped develop sympathy and empathy, and helping
the homeless is a way of showing that. When the people walked up to the homeless
man seeing Jesus rather than the man, they tried to help him and ask him questions
rather than take a step away from him and continue on their path. This shows that
the sympathy that they gained from t seeing homeless Jesus, changed their
sympathy and empathy towards others.
Lastly, Mother Teresa is a great example and teacher of sympathy and
empathy. As a nun, Mother Teresa gave her life to God, doing his wishes and
following in his way. She started going into the streets and helping the poorest of
the poor, feeding them, teaching them, and giving them shelter. She kept it simple,
when she got money, she used it for the poor. When she got food, she gave it to the

poor. Even when she won awards and received these massive banquets, she would
repetitively say to them, we should use this money for the poor. Her sympathy
towards the poor is what caused a change in India and all over the world in how we
act and treat the poor. Peter Dimonds even says, “We challenge our students to
start a business that can touch 1 billion lives in a decade.” Mother Teresa did just
that. She touched over hundreds of thousands herself, but was able to influence
even more to go on and do more and more service for the poor. Mother Teresa is the
human form of sympathy and empathy.
In conclusion, The Overview Effect, Homeless Jesus, and Mother Teresa are all
great examples of how to change the world for the better. These are some examples
that are great ways to show sympathy and empathy, but Cincinnati alone has many
unique ways to serve. Cincinnati has its soup kitchens and homeless shelters, but
we also have Matthew 25 and Hands Against Hunger. Both are great ways to serve
the poorest of the poor and those who have and are suffering from natural
disasters. Serving others is one of the best ways to develop sympathy and empathy,
and if people are able to connect with each other, then their mission is
accomplished. Connecting with each other is what makes people feel cared about,
and sympathy and empathy are two of the best ways to connect with someone. At
City Gospel Mission, another Cincinnati unique way of service, they do just that.
There, they give shelter and food to those who need it, but charge a small amount.
This is because they do many interviews, and as one lady who is in poverty defied
poverty as, “It is the lack of dignity we have as low-income families.” These people
do not see poverty as strictly financial, but the handouts that people give them
because of that. They may be able to bounce back from their financial needs, but
they cannot bounce back from something that change how people view them. City

Gospel Mission understands that and shows them sympathy and empathy in the
best way. They let them feel accomplished by making them pay for their food and
shelter, but do not overprice it. Back 2 Back shows that same kind of sympathy and
empathy. They go to children’s homes all over the world fixing them up, so that the
orphans grow up in a good environment. They take mission trips and allow people to
connect with the kids. The sympathy that people show them is the only sympathy
that they really get because they have no families. By us doing this for them, we
can encourage them to become what they want to be by working hard in school.
Sympathy and empathy are the two most important ways to change the world
because they can help anyone, poor or rich, young or old. In Star Trek, it gave a
great example. It showed that emotion is the strongest influence in the human
body, and by showing others sympathy and empathy it can truly help them.