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Jason Sifinski
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In this report, I am to determine my passions and goals in life such as career goals and
be able to explain my interest and goals. why. So to do this I conducted research to further my
knowledge about my passion, my field of study, my profession choice, and career goals. I have
conducted an interview with an employee atof the Penske Rracing team to get a first-hand
account of the environment and real world experiences and challengesproblems from
someone in my field of study.who's experienced it. I have also done some online research to
figure out facts about my fields of study what careers I can achieve with that degree, and where
itthat can take me in life. With all the research combined, I can confidently determine my field
of study, career options, and career goals. I am attending UNC Charlotte and the wouldrld like
to enter the High-Performance Motorsports Engineering Pprogram. I would also likewant to
work for Hendricks Motorsports or HAAS racing's Formula One team, both as a lead build
My Passion
"Do you ever shut up about cars" is all I hear these days from anyone that knows me.
And the truth is I nNever shut up about cars. Just ask my my whole entire family tells me it
aand allll my friends. tell me it. I just have a natural instinct to want to take things apart put
them together, change them, and make it better. Some of my friends are just as crazy as me
about cars and speed. W we can go on for hours talking about cars or arguing down to every
last fact of that car. To some people they call it I hobby I call it my passion. So I guess you could
say my passion is speed, pure speed.
I love cars not just racing them but also how they work, I also love taking them apart,
and imprmoving and or redesigning them. It's been a passion of mine since I was eight years
old which was when my Ddad took me to my first memorable race I was so titillated taken in
with the noise of the roaring exhaust and the smell of burning rubber and gasoline, I was in
love. According to my Ddaad, I had so many questions about every aspect but mainly how the
car worked like all of the mechanical components of the carsengine and set up. And over the
years, I have taken so many opportunities to learn about cars with my Ddad, my friends, and
even media (such as YouTube). I would watch videos all day long on how they work and
howwhat certain components
For example, I and my friend Darrel and I worked on his 2002 Subaru Ooutback. W we
have pulled the motor twice and replaced it once. I learned a lot about the mechanical aspect
afterward because we tore the old motor down to the bare bones and learned a lot about how
it's not just controlled explosions, there is a lot more to it. Another example is that me and a
friend of mine named Seth and I planned on lowering and doing suspension work on his 2006
Mazda 3 but never got around do it because the engine blew, but we did it blew up we learned
that it's not all about the motor you need a suspension is a very important part of the
automobile. But I am so interested in every aspect of cars it sometimes amazes people that I
have so muchmy knowledge and amount of passion for automobiles.
In the world we live in today everything advances on a daily basis and we are always
finding more efficient ways to tasks or completely recreating a way do the same task. But this
still means things are always changing and we need to be able to adapt to the ever consistent
changes going on in today's world. So to keep up with this I have set three (3) realistic and

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measurable goals I can achieve in my career field. My first career goal is I want to work as a
Ssenior Eengineer for a high profilewinning race team, my biggest objective is togoal would be
to work in the Formula One racing circuit as a Ssenior Eengineer so I could do what I love and
travel the world. A Ssenior Eengineer’s dDuties wide includes a wide range and varied
responsibililties and will include hands on iInvolvement, where necessary, in all aspects of the
development and delivery of control systems for WAE (spell this out) race car application. This
covers specific activities such as design, implementation, simulation, testing, and calibration.
But in order to do this I need to make sure I am a good leader because I will be dealing with
multiple aspects of the build and if one thing doesn't work as planned it can cause a huge
problem for all others aspects of the build. So I would need to be very aware of the work
environment and make sure all are communicating clearly.
My main goal though which I have done the most research about is to be a Rrace
Eengineer. A Rrace Eengineer is a team member whose main role is to communicate and relay
data from data analysists and mechanics and make the necessary adjustments on the fly, so
they need to be able to lead and communicate and know what every component does and
understand all the data they are given and determine the correct adjustment to make the car
better. They also use historical data to give the initial setup of the car and the beginning of the
My last goal in my career is to end up giving back to the engineering community and
become a teacher or professor of an engineering program. I enjoy being able to teach and share
my knowledge. And I think it would be a great way to stay involved I n the engineering
community and help groom the next generations set of engineers.
Global and Societal Issues
However;But ther theree are always outside forces making things not just harder
justbut more complicated. Ssome social aspects of life that do affect my job in specifically (is
what). . I did some research online at on and found severalsome .
tbut to name one the environment .With all the global warming studies all the
environmentalists are pushing racing leagues to use alternative fuel or make more efficient
engines and want to restrict the fuel consumption of the vehicles so they are more
environmentally friendly. One prime eExample is the fFormula Oone circuit; there governing
body The FIA (spell this Out) according to the most recent reports is focused on going green. To
achieve this initiative The FIA cut the fuel allotted to each team by 30%, and that's not all they
have also decreased the size of the engines to 2.4-liter turbocharged V-6's.This isat's why I want
to design a more efficient and powerful KER's unit so that way environmentalists are
satisfiedhappy and peak performance is not sacrificed in trying to achieve better efficiency for
the environment..
Another global issue affecting my career choice and everyone else in this country isare
the economyies. It is has affected everyone in a somewhat different way but in my case it has
affected my actual career choice as people move to make things cheaper and faster jobs are
being offshored. I if it is not absolutely necessary for you to be you are there for your job, can
be outsourced and or or automated. So my dream of being a Rrace Eengineer is at threaten
because soon a computer systems could be developed to give suggested adjustments according
to driver requests and changing track tempatures and external forces. And even the Lelead
Eengineer job could replace

Skills and knowledge
For me to be successful where ever I go in life I need to be knowledgeable about not just
what I've learned but what I'm passionate about. But also, I must be able to put my knowledge
to use. Iif I know what do, but can't do what I need to do to fix it what good am I to the team ..
To figure out what skills and knowledge I needed to pursue my passion, I did a lot of online
research about college programs, and jobs involved in motorsports and curated a lot of
The very first website I came to was I am a
very outspoken person and have a very easy to approach personality which makes
communicating and leading come naturally to me after looking through many (what). I was on
the Williams Formula One engineering website( enter website here) and I came across a
common trend all the jobs engineering related or not required you to be a good communicator
and work well with others. As I have heard many times in class, communication is a huge part of
engineering. And I have been told by my bosses friends and family that my strongest aspect is
my ability to communicate with others. But in Mmechanical Eengineering, there are many other
important attributes like good problem-solving skills you must be able to find ways to fix
problems quickly but correctly. I am somewhat good at this when I am presented with a
problem I usually take different approaches to the problem because I look at the problem from
different perspectives. I don't always take the easiest route or the most apparent. Ssometimes
it takes . The morea creative approach, ingenuity the more it can can come in handy when
there is no simple fix. Sometimes it takes the unorthodox idea to fix it or start the process of
repair or rebuild. Another skill I saw come up often in the job descriptions was the ability to
work with changing circumstances which aisre one thing I'm not good at. This means I have to
be able to turn on a dime change to change things that can set me back 10 steps to meet new
requirements or to meet new regulations. I don't like having to constantly restart things so this
would have to be one of skill I would have to work to improve uponon. The last skill I saw that I
want to talk about is being able to work well in teams. ,And Wwith my good communication
skills and kind personality but ability to take over when needed, allows me to work in groups
very well and I prefer it. It allows me to have other people I can ask questions and bounce ideas
off of, and it also takes some of the pressure off me and allows me to work to my full potential
and focus on my strong points to create a better product or outcome.
Since I know I wanted to work with cars and wanted a degree that was specifically for
cars I had very few programs to choose from. Tthe first one I came across is where I am today.
The University Of North Carolina at Charlotte I came across the school by recommendation of a
teacher, actually it was my NJROTC Colonel Mr. Feight . Hhe knew as much as anyone about my
passion for cars and had told me about the program so I checked it out because I didn't want to
just do Mmechanical Eengineering because that could take me a lot of places and my passion
was speed. After looking into I saw that it was the perfect place to go and it's Iin the heart of
the biggest racing corporations' in the world. A majority (90%) of NASCAR teams base their
headquarters in Ccharlotte or near Ccharlotte. But the best part is the track, Charlotte Motor
Speedway, is only two miles away. But looking into the program I found that it is a very well
backed program with many of the biggest names from racing. I also saw a lot of hands on
learning which the best way I learn is. It's a program you must apply for so it really made me
want to work super hard to get in so I could chase my dreams. But I still had a few questions

like what the classes will entail? Or do I get to perform hands on work for Hands on with the
UNCC racecars? To answer the first question was easy now that I have looked again I will
hopefully be taking classes like Rroad and Vvehicle dDynamics, and Ppower Pplant Eengineering
classes which are what I am really looking forward to at UNC Charlotte. My second question
was answered by the head of the Motor Sports Program Professor Mesbah Uddin. So after
hearing all this I'm hooked and plan on earning my degree at UNC Charlotte.
In the Motorsports program most of my classes will be in the EPIC building which is the
Engineering building on campus but for my degree specific cClasses I will be in the Alan D.
Kulwicki Lab which houses all three race cars and the machine shop. In that lab I will take
classes like Intro into Motorsports Engineering where we are considered motorsports trainees
(MT's). I will work with on campus industrial partners to learn various aspects of the
motorsports world of engineering. Theseis classes will help me like 1201 has helped me it will
prepare me to be a Motorsports engineer which will help carry me through the following years
of my education to get a job and achieve my goals in my career. Another important class I will
take is Power Pplants I & II, which is a course of the analysis of internal and external
combustion engines that are involved with vehicle propulsion. We study the use of thermal
dynamics to discover efficiency of combustion and the comparison of alternative fuels. This a
very important set of classes it really teaches you the whole mechanical side of an engine down
to every bearing. It will give me the knowledge I will need to complete tasks in the real world on
an everyday basis. And will help me to achieve my goal as a Ssenior Eengineer with all the
knowledge I can take away from these classes I will be able to understand given data and do my
job with it by making the correct adjustments and help make my dream of working for a
winninghigh profile race team achievable. And hopefully, will, later on, help me become a
teacher or professor for an engineering program by allowing me to use experience and
knowledge to teach future engineers. I will also use the Alan D. Kulwicki lab to further my
knowledge about cars, with all the three racecars inside I will have plenty of real hands-on
opportunities to take my education and myself to the next level and really be able to be
successful in my career. Using this lab I will have all the tools a Rrace Eengineer would have
giving me experience with these systems so I can hopefully become a Rrace Eengineer and be
one of the best there is.
My passion is speed and it almost always has been. I really enjoy the mechanical side of
it because I love working with my hands and working with a team because I am very good at
both they just come naturally to me. Sseeing as how all I started out with at the beginning of
this paper was a passion and now I have a plan to learn and take in all I can and apply that
knowledge to get a career and make an impact has kindakind of blown my mind. It was so vital I
looked at this because I was slightly blind before I didn't have a plan or a path to follow but now
I see where I need to go. Also, it helped me pick a specific career as I know I wanted to work
with NASCAR or Formula One as an engineer but so many engineers work on a team. This
project helped me make goals that were realistic and achievable which I am really glad to say I
want to work for with all I've got. So I am now so much more committed than I was a month
ago I can see what's in front of me and I am ready to tackle it head on and not let anything
stand in my way. I have goals I want to achieve places I want to work, places I want to go in life

and now they are all laid out in front of me all I have to is turn my passion into knowledge, take
my knowledge and apply in my career to make my impact.