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Juliana Reents

Professor Suk
EDUC 230 01 Education Field Experience
Spring 2016
Rationale Statement Standard 11
Standard 11: Ethical Practice
Teachers shall act in accordance with legal and ethical responsibilities and shall use integrity and
fairness to promote the success of all students.
Artifact: Service Learning Time Sheets and Evaluation Form
Date of Completion: April 21, 2016
Course Completed: EDUC 230 01 Education Field Experience
Rationale Statement:
These time sheet and evaluation artifacts reflect my experience during my clinical
practice this past semester. I was required to maintain a professional decorum that included many
aspects shown in these artifacts. The time sheet and evaluation artifacts directly correlates to
Essential Knowledge 11.4. It states The teacher knows and understands strategies to foster
professional and productive relationships with students and colleagues. From the moment I
entered the school I realized I was a professional in this new setting. I had to introduce myself to
numerous people on the first day while making a first good impression. I also had to decide what
I wanted and should tell the students about me. I told them I was an RVCC student and was
planning on being a teacher. That was all it took to establish myself in the classroom. As the
weeks went on my relationships with my cooperating teacher, her colleagues and her students
grew. I was able to observe how they learned and how my cooperating teacher taught to make
myself useful and productive in the classroom.
The major thing I learned about working in a professional field, seeing as it was my first
time doing so, was that everything I did mattered and was noted. Any time I shook a hand,
answered a students question, arrived on time, or conversed with a colleague I was making an
impression that may last with them. I had to present myself and establish myself in a new
surrounding. I learned how to do this while still having fun and enjoying my work. I also learned
that once I realized I had reached the maximum amount of hours I needed I did not mind doing
extra. I still wanted to teach a lesson which meant I would exceed my thirty hours requirement.
The experience was just as important to me as the required amount of hours.
I will definitely use this when I go on to my four year college. The hours on my time
sheet are required hours for earning my teaching certificate. The evaluation form will be filed
and used as a reference. This entire experience was incredibly worth it. My cooperating teacher
has offered to write a reference for me any time I need one. I will definitely take her up on that
offer because I feel confident in my professional work while in this clinical practice.