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Room 28


Artist in Residence
Last week we had the great opportunity to
have scientific illustrator, Kathy Hocker,
visit our classroom. She taught us about
using careful observation to create
sketchings of things we see in nature.
Aubrey talked about what she taught us,
Her first day in class she taught us about
the drawing process, observing, plan,
practice, draw and write, and observe
some more. Kaetlyn said, One day we
did field sketching and we actually went
outside and we drew above things and
below things. This week was fun. Rie
commented, She taught us many ways to
draw, such as memory drawing. Students
will have an opportunity to display their
sketch books in this weeks art show, which
also coincides with the project fair. In
addition, Kathy will be hosting a science
sketching studio where students can come
and draw after school this Wednesday and
Thursday (3/30 and 3/31). If your student
wants to participate in the after-school
studio, please return the attached
permission slip by Wednesday. Rides will
not be provided after the sessions, so you
will need to pick your student up at 4:00.


Next week we will be completing the AMP
testing required by the state of Alaska. Our
classroom will be testing on Monday, and
Wednesday, April 4th and 6th for the English
and Math portions of the test. Friday, April
8th will be used as a make-up day for
anyone who missed a test earlier in the
week. In addition, the 4th grade will be
testing in science on Monday April 18th.
Please contact me if you have any other
questions about the testing days next
Field Trip
Room 28 will be taking a field trip this week
as a culmination of our unit studying Alaska
Natives. On Thursday March 31st we will be
taking the bus to the Sheldon Jackson
Museum for a short presentation and to view
some of the artifacts. We have been
bringing some of the artifacts into our
classroom during our unit, but it should be a
great opportunity for the kids to see some
artifacts that they havent seen already.
Parents are welcome! If you would like to

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join, please come to the classroom by 12:35

on Thursday. We will be leaving on the bus
at 12:45. Contact me with any further

questions at 966-1228 or via email at