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Effective 26 Deceaber 1945 at dp Hgts Stadion, Kanne = por 00 F201 foam ASP, BOR, Camp Nylon Standish, Mast dated 28 Decraber I9VSe 7T65cd Batlvas Shop Battalion departed Le Havre, rance on ourd (LINOGLE TORRY" 17 Deceater 1945 to arrive TS 25 Deceabor 195 - per Retiogram from Le Havre, France #1H 12/29 PB, dtd 18 Deceaber 1945 OM_IN-Goh2l (19 Dec we Arrived Boston Port of ‘ab. 27 Dec 45 ~per Recap List, Eqs Boston Port of Enb.,Mass. dtd 27 Dec 45. _ Tire Rattony Shop Bn tn entitled to battle pertictpatton ereéit for the JEDGLASE GNPAION ~ per 60 #128, Var Depta, Hashine ton, Dv Sey dated 22 Decenber 1585. Crens catichal Records have been returned to Org, Records Br,,Recorde Adm Ctr, Theater Inactive Recoste Hopot abd 21 hay Ub, Medical Detectnent, 1654 Zetlvay Shop Beitalton, Sranportation Comps As dletanted; 7654 Ratlvey Shop Battalion, Pransportett corps (less Bq & Hq & Sve Co) is redesignated 7634 Transportetion Battalion (Railway Shop) (less Eq & Hq Co); Hq & Ha & Svc Co is Fedusigncced Sy & te Cor 0b D ie constivateds.clisttea to the legular dnmy, assiaged Jo, oe P seat a Avedon; na: enter a/0° F SSS5L, 1958 ensecetnts sep GON Mg 8G BE Backs ADRS PERE tira 9 Srneortaton Tesaing tomes 30 e108 eR. Sev #l, se activaved at Mt. busthe, Tax, aasiened to 77th Brene Or BP sve 12 Jap 1968, « 00 1, Sraneportation seatniag’Gomrtads 9 Sas pty MRE -"66'20 Nantporedlion Heetsine Coane, SoeteasO3, YMA ESS. 7 Sor ito is "Eetcia Sateen of nage et bite Hour, S34 oenprtation detain (nity Si), 6 0 295. (111 be REORGANIZED es (Railway Shop) under TOE 55-235R, 1955, effective 1 Jul 1955 - AGAO-I (M) (lo Jun 55)61, 16 Jun 195 cOsFEw@ = 00 NS, Trenmortation Byciaing Oomend, 29 fea 109 032 » Det fl. te DISUONTINUED, effective 18 Aue 195 - 00 73, Transportation Treining Command, 16 Aug 195. Det 1, te AOGTVATED at Pe, George O, Mente, M4,, ASSIOND to T7uth sreneportation Grove (Railway), effective 29 Aye 1054 ~ 60 15, Henmatetton Training Command, 36 fag 3955. ‘Wi21 TRANSFER on permanent change of station (Less Det) from Fr. Geore G, Meade, Ma. to Ft. Bustis, Va. - DA 337485, 10 dog WEE “DaoNaaaD ok VEE Kins 60 tae toed" AD'S 3c: Fe. Scores Be Mende, Ma,y 19 tae i955" St, Louie, Mo ~per report from Baropean re, Tab Mirae on gorquent enange of station fron Fo. Goorge 0» oad, Wa to Py Bastia, Yas = DA UMSSD6, 1S Aue aogier ue ok satin any gad: Pee 8 eee ae erective 1s Sop 1958 10 Tip, Wo v0-0) OM 390, Traneportation Training Command, 2 aug 1°56. ‘Will be REORGANIZED as (Railway ) under TOE 55-235R, 1955 - AGAO-O (M) 322 (1 Sep S6)DOSPER, 12 Sep 1956. Effective 25 So ee Ee Fe oe Rae UTR) eoceaad, Bi Sop OE THEi be REORGANIZED as (Railway Shoo) under TOE 55-235R, 1955 - AOAO-O (M) 322 (21 Dec 56)DOSPER, 13 Dec 1956+ REORGANIZED = 00 153, tramportation training Comat, 21 Doo 1956. Tar eee Satay as ineay seep) eT SE 95-2362, 1055 ~ A2HC-0 (°) 322 (3 Oct STDOOSPER, 15 ov 157. etective £ wee 1951" 002535 te Ary Trancortetion Tealnine comnts i Dee 1957 oaen a atepageh p43 90hy 3 ee, "OQ fey 2 aa vo posantnneo as (lainey Soop) ender TOE $5°235R, 1955 £Ritbcd WHEE C Tan Beniesbsys Se Bb." ne sogco ORE GRRE Bio O a2 Me HB, Este eae eh 93,05 Ary Traortaon ainngComandy Ae ‘Be rronennrfEQEOANEZED to apply Consohidated.Ghange 300-11 in accordance with Gir 6li-L1, 1959. effective 29 Ren roco 69 10h. 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