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1. Who is the Author or artist or musician of the original work?

-President Roosevelt. He was a leader and served as president of the Unites States
in the years 1933 to 1945
2. What is the full Title of the piece? What is the meaning of this title?
-The title of this piece is "Our Freedoms and Rights." The title itself lets the reader
know ahead of time that it will be discussing part of the history of how our rights
and how freedom came about.
3. What was the Historical context within which the work was produced? How does
the context affect the meaning and interpretation of the piece?
-President Roosevelt presented the freedoms and rights to the Congress January 14,
1942. Around the time of 1942 President Roosevelt also signed the War
Departments blanket Executive Order 9066, which by doing that it gave the
approval of the removal of all Japanese Americans into internment camps.
4. Who do you think the intended audience or audiences might have been at the
time the work was created? How does the audience affect the meaning and
interpretation of the piece?
- In my opinion this piece does not have a specific audience. I think that everyone
could be interested by reading this, I believe that all of us, citizens of the United
States, should be aware of our freedoms and our rights here in this country.
5. What do you think the works main argument, point, or conclusion might be? How
would you analyze the argument? How would you compare this specifically to
other artistic works you have seen both in class or outside of class? What is your
personal response to the work? Most of your writing should answer this question.
-I believe that the main focus of this piece is to let us know the rights that we have
to our freedom. It was a written document from one of our older presidents,
President Roosevelt. Since this was passed the congress it has changed completely
from what America used to be to what it is today. Although I do respectfully take
these rights of freedom very seriously, in my opinion no one is one hundred percent
free, yes I am very grateful for all the opportunities this country offers. I am well
aware that we have the freedom that almost all other countries don't have, but
what does being free really mean if everyone has their own opinions and everyone
interprets these rights differently. However, I do know that this country wouldn't be
what it is today without us knowing our rights as citizens of the United States.
Because of these rights we are able to live in peace and work hard to provide for our
families and become better citizens of this country. My favorite right is the right to
freedom of speech and expression, because of this I am able to find myself, we are
able to become a bigger union, and express our thoughts and opinions. This piece
that I read today has been very different from the past ones that I have encountered

in class and outside because this piece is part of who we are, it is our history,
thanks to this we are the nation that we are.-