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Waiting Patience

Waiting Patience

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Published by: Jose Enrique Dubon Cruz on May 08, 2010
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Waiting patience

As I was sitting down waiting for my end to come I realize what I was doing badly It was reality, id never face it before It shook my head n I realize.

I was mistaken What an honest mistake It makes me see it was blindness that shook me That s why I never understood

Why I stood so alone on earth Once again I realize I never stood alone It was my imagination who was leaving lonely She took me by the hand and separates me From the rest as we spoke by that time I realize

This was all I lie I couldn t spoke of true I f I never believe on it I stood there and thought to myself I have been so wrong that true is not my path anymore there must be something wrong in here I though to myself but what??

Happiness was all mistaken o could never be happy I say Say I m just living without a purpose I must come to my senses Where have u been conscious

Why u did left me alone Am I mistaken? Am I wrong? Where did u go when I was left unknown?

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