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Christine Rombawa

NURS 360 Professional Development Plan

Goal Statement: To obtain a Associates Degree in Nursing and acquire a RN job that will afford me the opportunity to
develop more skills, experience, and knowledge to become a proficient, professional nurse in the vast array of specialties of the
health care settings, including Maternity, Pediatric, mental health, and Medical-Surgical Nursing.


Clinical Practice

Objective(s): Describe
what you want to
accomplish in your
first two years in

Describe the actions
that you will take to
achieve your

Obtain employment as a
RN through a new
graduate program in
maternity, mental health,
or pediatrics.
Obtain employment as a
Team lead within Straub
or Resource Team RN.



Strengths: Describe
the strong points
about yourself that
make you such a
great nurse

Register and take the

Apply for a LPN position
with my current employer
and gain additional
experience while waiting
for an entry level RN
position to be available.
Apply for a RN position in
the resource team or apply
for the new graduate



Observe the role of a charge

nurse and team lead and learn
what the additional
responsibilities are along with
the requirements to acquire a
Charge Nurse/ team lead

Apply to a University th
will allow me to obtain
Bachelors Degree in

Develop necessary skills

and knowledge to pursue a
Charge Nurse role or Team
lead role.

Research a Universi
that offers online co
for a Baccalaureate

Understand the
responsibilities of a Charge
Nurse and Team Lead.

Apply to a Baccalau
Nursing Program.

Research the qualifications

needed for a Charge Nurse
and Team lead.

Compassionate: I am
Leading by example: When
very compassionate. I
you have good work ethic,
take pride in the work
others will want to follow
and care that I provide.
your example.
I am empathetic and an
advocate for my patient. Respectful: It is important to
I treat every patient like
treat others with respect, and

Stay up to date with

current evidence bas
best practices by
continuing to work
completing all
continuing educatio

Determined: I am
determined to excel
accomplish all my g

Organized: Organiz
is important to comp

Christine Rombawa
how I would want my
family members to be
cared for.

in return they will treat you

with respect as well.

Integrity: Being honest and

truthful is important in
I am punctual, and
developing and maintaining
determined to adhere to
a good work relationship.
all policies and
procedures, along with Supportive: I am supportive
completing assigned
to my patients, families,
tasks in a proficient, safe
management and comanner while providing
workers. Being a good
high quality patient
listener and supporting each
centered care.
other improves moral and
increases job satisfaction.
Team player:
I work well with others
and communicate
effectively with my
patients, families,
Physicians, and other
medical staff team.
Describe the skills and
competencies you
bring to the role.

Proficient in nursing
skills and duties, physical
and mental health
assessments and
Performed superior and
culturally sensitive
quality care to patients
and family.

Experienced in working
with electronic health
records, EPIC, Carelink,
Point of Care Testing,
Word, Power point, ad
hardworking, and
highly motivated team

Experienced in
management and
training of new and
existing employees.
Payroll and scheduling

Conflict resolution and

mediation experience.
knowledge of and skill
in adaptability, change
management, decision
making, detail oriented,
customer service,
influence, interpersonal
relations, oral
prioritization, problem

efficiently and

Hard working: Work

hard shows your
commitment and
motivation to develo

Broad management s

It is important to util
different styles in ord
successfully lead peo
with different ethnic
cultural backgrounds
along with diverse
personalities, work a
life experiences, and

BLS CPR certified

KCC ADN graduat

Computer literate:

Proficient in EHR;
EPIC, Carelink,
Microsoft WORD,
Power point, EXCE

Completed manage
training seminars.

Christine Rombawa


Utilized reasonable
judgment in carrying
out prescribed medical
orders of a practitioner.
Completed duties in a
kind, caring and efficient
professional manner.

Areas targeted for

growth: From your
own self- assessment,
describe what areas in
yourself that you
would like to

Knowledge: I want to
increase my knowledge
and have a better
understanding of the
pathophysiology of
diseases and medication
side effects so I will be
able to educate my
patients in simple
language so they can
have a better
understanding of their
condition and treatment.
Critical thinking:
Expanding my critical
thinking skills and be
able to respond
appropriately and
quickly to emergency
situations and continue
to notice deviations from
the norm.
Time management:
Manage my time
efficiently and complete
all my duties, tasks,
assessments, and

solving, quality
management, results
orientation, system
thinking, teamwork,
time management,
written communication

Delegation: Be able to
delegate tasks to LPNs or
NAs and have the
confidence that the task
will be completed up to
quality standards.
Experience: With more
experience, comes more
knowledge, and expertise
in the field, which
enhances leadership skills
and performance.

Financial stability:
Having financial sta
will allow me to
continue my educat
obtain a BSN.

Time management:
Managing work, fam
and school life to bu
better future for my
family and I.

Christine Rombawa
documentation ahead of