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Radio Trails Analysis

Trail for

Target audience

Tone of voice?

New Iphone release Radio Advert.

The main target audience for Capital FM radio station is from the ages of
16-30 years old and both genders listen to this radio channel. Primarily
people listen to Capital throughout the day as it plays usually plays all the
new tracks in many genres such as Pop, RnB and hip hop. Capital caters
for the younger audience that is more with the new music.
The male voice over on the radio advert is very soothing and enthusiastic
tone of voice so the viewers are not bored throughout the advert. Our
voice over on the radio advert will follow the same effect. The voice over
has a upbeat instrumental song playing over the voice over.

Sound effects?

For this advert Apple didnt use any sound effects as so, as it was just the
music track they had.


For this advert Apple did not use any background noise, as it wouldnt
have made sense, but in our advert there will be as when we interviewed
the vox pops you could hear the college atmosphere of the students.

Use of music?

Music was played from the outset and at the end the track faded out once
the voice over finished. We will definitely include this on our radio advert
as the audience will not be bored throughout.

How many tracks?

Sound levels?


Other notes/common

One instrumental track. From start to finish.

The sound levels throughout was very consistent as the voiceover or the
music didnt change levels, this is a vital convention to include on a radio
advert. For our radio advert we will aim to keep the sound levels all the
same, because if in different parts the voice over changes pitch, the
audience will know it is poor.
The advert is 21 seconds long, the voice over explains the key news of
the upcoming release of the new iPhone, such as price, date of release
and any new features. For our radio advert we will keep the length of the
advert between 30 seconds and 1 minute as this is the main convention of
radio adverts. Furthermore, the voice over will also tell the audience date
of broadcast and what the purpose of the documentary is.
The advert was very simple but was effective at the same time as they
used basic conventions but the way it was done such as clear voice over
and good choice of music made the advert what it is.