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Zuhal XXX

May 30, 2014

5 AP Inthavong
2nd Draft

Money must be funny in the rich mans world

Money, money, money. Must be funny in the rich mans world, sang Abba in 1976.
Although it is funny and sunny in the rich mans world, there are many different aspects of
money in all human beings lives from desperateness to blissfulness. In fact, money became a
parameter which has been playing a role in human society since Lydian people made the first
coins in 5000 B.C. Thus, money has effectuated three types of people who have three
different attitudes toward it: people who make money for a living, people who live for
making money, and people who do not care about money.
There is no doubt that an average persons motivation for earning money is for a living.
These are people who make enough or barely enough money to use it as a tool, and most
of them identify enough money as an adequate amount to get basic necessities. Money is
not a goal in their life, but it is a way which they can reach some of their goals. For example,
a person who likes traveling would choose a job from which she/he can earn enough money
for traveling or a parent of four children would be satisfied with an adequate amount of
money that she/he can feed and raise his/her children.
On the other hand, there are people in whose lives money is not a tool, but it is a goal.
You can see the symbol of dollars in their eyes when they count their money. They really love
the possibility of being able to get whatever they want because of money. Those kinds of
people do not like limits like small houses which they cannot run in or old cars which they
cannot enjoy a lot. Interestingly, they are able to discover new ways to make money every
time they fail. Otherwise, they would be unhappy.

Finally, there are people who do not care about money. Generally, they do not have to
think about money because they have rich families. The families might have an oil-company
or wealthy heritage, but in any case they have never experienced an issue about money. Not
only in rich families but also in other families, there are some people who are dreamers.
Some artists, scientists, writers, or philosophers can be associated with that group of people.
I would like to live as a poor man with lots of money. said Pablo Picasso.
Overall, people can be classified according to their attitudes toward money. However,
those attitudes can change in time just like people themselves. You can either identify
yourself in any classification or as a person who is excluded from those classifications, but in
any case all people have a relationship with money. As Abba said, All the things I could do
if I had a little money.