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Olivia Mikaelian
Michelle Morris
Info Tech 2
17 February 2016
Research Paper
The Tree Octopus is allegedly found in the west coast of North America. Their habitat is
located on the eastern side of the Olympic mountain range right next to Hood Canal. The average
size is about 30-33 cm. It may be strange but they are amphibians. They prefer to live in rest
pooled water rather than an ocean.
These animals are very intelligent. An intelligent and inquisitive being (it has the largest
brain-to-body ratio for any mollusk), the tree octopus explores its arboreal world by both touch
and sight. Adaptations its ancestors originally evolved in the three dimensional environment of
the sea have been put to good use in the spatially complex maze of the coniferous Olympic
rainforests. ( They have great eyesight that helps them a lot,
Tree octopuses have eyesight comparable to humans. Besides allowing them to see their prey
and environment, it helps them in inter-octopus relations. (
The animals migrate every year in the spring, Every year, in spring, tree octopuses leave
their homes in the Olympic National Forest and migrate towards the shore and, eventually, their
spawning grounds in Hood Canal.( The tree octopus is not on
the endangered animal list but is still considered one. There is not many fact the picture on the
sight is a rare picture because they are so hard to find and capture images of. Its numbers are at
a critically low level for its breeding needs. The reasons for this dire situation include:
decimation of habitat by logging and suburban encroachment; building of roads that cut off

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access of the water which it needs for spawning; predation by foreign species such as house cats;
and booming populations of its natural predators, including the bald eagle and sasquatch.
They have a very sad history, The history of the tree octopus trade is a sad one. Their
voracious appetite for bird plumes having exhausted all the worthy species of that family, the
fashionistas moved on to cephalopodic accouterments during the early 20th century. Tree
octopuses became prized by the fashion industry as ornamental decorations for hats, leading
greedy trappers to wipe out whole populations to feed the vanity of the fashionable rich. While
fortunately this practice has been outlawed, its effects still reverberate today as these millinery
deprivations brought tree octopus numbers below the crucial point where even minor
environmental change could cause disaster. (

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Work cited
Web page:
Save the tree octopus
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Why Its Endangered

How You can Help

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Research Paper Outline

Below is an outline of what is expected in your paper. You should give accurate
information, include in-text citations, and deliver strong supported points of evidence.
You will be graded on your MLA citations and formatting, as well as on the accuracy of
your paper. Be sure to include a Works Cited page with your resources listed in
alphabetical order.
Paragraph #1: Introduction
Intro sentence:
o Introduction of topic:
o Support sentence explaining topic
o Thesis:
o You need to make an argument that you will back up in your paper This should
hold the point you are trying to prove without giving everything away.
Paragraph #2: Background on the topic
What you should write about:
Beginnings: How did this come to be?
Argument about topic
Quote/detail supporting argument
Paragraph 3 and 4: Body Paragraphs
This is the focus of the paper
Important fact(s):
A main idea/argument
Supporting quotes/evidence
(Repeat for paragraph 4)
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
This is the most important section of the paper. This is where you wrap it up and prove
your points.

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In this section, use what you know to explain how the topic evolved.
Need to include multiple details about the topic.
Give and example or two.
Show how your example supports your thesis.
Tie it into the rest of the paper.
Deliver your final message about the topic.