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power of subconcious mind

power of subconcious mind

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Published by: KSHITIJ on May 09, 2010
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Power of Subconscious Mind

Being a student of computer science I would like to express power of mind in computer language.

Brain is like a hard ware and mind is like software.
BRAIN: - Normal human brain is just like a super computer. It has equal to 4,000 GB capacity.

There are 1500 crore neurons. Each neuron is connected with other neurons. This network is far more complex than the complete possible telephone network in the world. Brain waves beta, alpha, theta and delta. Brain has unlimited power and infinite hidden potential.
MIND : -


The psychologist divides mind into two broad categories. It is like an iceberg.
y Only 10% of iceberg floats above the water that is conscious mind. y It has temporary memory. y It is active when we are awake. y Our mind is factory of thoughts. y We come across 60,000 thoughts in 24 hours y It works as RAM (Random Access Memory) RAM is a storage device for data which can be erased and modified.

y The rest 90% iceberg remains immersed in water that is the subconscious mind. y Our all experiences are accumulated in our subconscious mind. y It never sleeps and never rests. y Use of subconscious mind during Narco test/ hypnotism /Brain mapping y Programming a. By birth (ROM) Read Only Memory ROM is a preset programmed which can not be modified. It operates and controls vital processes. Life process- B.P/ Digestion/ Heart beat. b. By practicing some techniques regularlyy Our body is garden and we are all gardeners. As you sow in you subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and in your perceptions?

The simplified relationship between your brain waves and your state of consciousness can be summarized in the

figure below:

Alpha is the bridge between your conscious and your subconscious mind.
Imagine your mind is like a house when two rooms, separated by a door.

The best time to reprogram your subconscious mind is when you are in alpha. When you are in beta, you are in the conscious room. The door is closed, so you have no access to the subconscious room. When you are in theta, you are in the subconscious room. The door is closed, so you have no access to the conscious room. That's why most people can't remember exactly what they dream about. But when you are in alpha, you are like standing at the door, with the door open. You are conscious, yet you have access to your subconscious. It is the best time to reprogram your subconscious mind. That's also the reason why you always have your light bulb moment when you are in alpha brain waves. To prove this point is very simple. Everyday you dream. When you wake up, you often can't remember what you dream. But the moment you just wake up, i.e. when you are in alpha, you can still remember what you dream, but just for that short moment. The moment you are fully awake, you miss your dream again because you are already in the beta room. If you read any self improvement book, you will learn that the best time to do your affirmation or visualization (techniques used to reprogram your subconscious mind) is before your sleep and after you wake up. By now, you should know that that's because these are times when you are in alpha.


1. Regular Practice of any good technique (21 Day s practice for making habits) 2. Use CD s and Cassettes with Hidden Messages. (Normal 20 decibels to 80 decibels) 3. Use mind power machines available in the market. (It consists of eye-glasses with flashing lights & stereophonic headphones) 4. Meditation- Our ancestors used these techniques to get the God but we can use to enhance our memory.

Meditation is perhaps the simplest system that you can follow for mental peace and self-realization, but don't get impatient for results. Meditation has got the capacity to blow away all your weakness, ignorance, and fear within seconds. Yes, it is so powerful that it could change the whole dynamics of your living. If you get it right you would have discovered one of the greatest catalysts of change practised by all the great men and women. EASY DOES IT Find a clean place. Sit in a position that is most comfortable for you. Close your eyes. Concentrate on the darkness behind your eyelids. Watch the flow of your thoughts. Do not try to stem the flow. Simply observe. Meditate like this for at least 10 minutes. Open your eyes slowly. BENEFITS GALORE Worries and struggles of the mind are smoothened. Fear is removed and a sense of joy permeates your daily life. Your thinking becomes exalted, and you achieve success in your actions. Your being is filled with a sense of peace and love. You attain a sense of fulfillment and perfection, and acquire the ability to create this sense in others. You come to realize that your own true Self permeates all living beings, and thus come to love each of them dearly. You attain the knowledge of your own immortal and blissful essence. It provides immunity to illness. It manages the stress. It relieves the physical pains. Focus on your Potential, not your Limitations
Kshitij Malviya

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