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Maryam Saeed Al Shehhi

April 29, y

Creating beautiful garden

How great teacher create effective education for
As I am a great student in HCT, which has a goal would like to achieve it
and I nearly achieve it in 2017. My goal is to be a great English teacher and
educator, I also have a vision is I can do a great something there is no one
who does it before in education bachelor program. All these optimistic words
signed at the end page of the email. That is completely reflect for others how
education program is considered important for me and how I am passionate
to achieve my goal as much as well. The HCT taught me lots of values
education to implement it in learning. Three years ago, I learnt that the
learning is process to acquire knowledge by doing. As I am student teacher in
HCT, especially in primary education program, I create a theory that reflect
lots of importance learning for students in effective way. Well, I think that
teacher's job is started in creating garden. It relies on her or his works,
responsibilities, plans and everything that relate to education of creating
beautiful or worse garden at the end! The students such as seeds and the
teacher start planting those seeds on sands to keep growing step by step to
be lovely beautiful tress at the end. It could be planted seeds to become wise
tress are not easy, but it can plant seeds to become beautiful trees in the

garden after work hard! Thus, it tends to describe about the teacher's job. It
is totally reflect same concept of creating beautiful garden! Indeed, it is
important of the teacher makes sure to apply all significant factors that help
students to grow. For instance, creating effective classroom environment,
vary activities and implement lesson plan in wise way. If the teacher focuses
on those main points with students, sure it will assist her or him to create
most beautiful garden ever!
To begin with, it sure there is a fact proves that importance of creating
effective classroom environment for students. I think that without creating in
attractive way, it sure will be boring classroom environment. It is known that
students admire of looking at around classroom in learning, but how the
students' reaction if class designed in empty way? Let's think about it, as we
are adult could seemed so bored to stay like this class, however how for
primary students!
Of course, the primary students prefer colorful classroom environment
that make them excited and acquire knowledge at the same time while they
are looking at class. Therefore, the first main step that the teacher must
apply it is to create effective classroom environment for students. That is
especially if the teacher designed classroom environment for all topics that
students learn about it. It also one fabulous way is to identify special place
that students stick their works on it. It called students' wall is to reflect all
students' work that did in the lesson. Indeed, in this way it assists students
to be proud of themselves and keep exciting to learn. Moreover, there are
other effective ways that teacher can design it in the class. For instance,
create reading corners, activities corner, playground corner and relaxing
corner like that. Thus, it is sure without any doubt make students so
comfortable and lover classroom environment ever that want to learn. As
consequence, that is completely mean the teacher succeed to create
effective classroom environment for students that make them so excited and


glad to learn. That if only does like same concept, but she or he can create
effective and creative ways ever to draw happiness for students.
To move on, vary activities are considered essential factor that assist
students to grow and become a fruitful tress of value knowledge. It is knows
that primary students admire of playing activities that make them to move
and be excited. So, how they can be interactive with teacher in the lesson
that doesn't has vary activities! I still surprise and stock for teachers who use
oldest ways in teaching! It makes a strange question on my mind, we are
living in 80th century or the age of technology. Well, I described reality that
saw it in teaching practice, some teacher still using old ways in teaching. For
example, the teacher opens book and read information and let students to
highlight for important points. In my opinion, this is so ineffective way that
assist students to hate learning. At the same time, the teacher contributes to
create boring classroom environment for students. Then, the students never
ever love learning if they use like these ways in primary age! According to
teaching practice, I observed that when teacher uses the oldest techniques
in teaching assisted students to be misbehave. For example, students play
with something, chatting, and drawing on tables and write on books! The
teacher might think why students do that, she or he might think that
students misbehave and start shouting to stop. However, is shouting way
effective way to work? A wise teacher who think deeply for main reason that
encourage students to misbehave in this way and start solving in better way.
I really noticed that students feel bored without vary activities in the class.
As the fact illustrates that students are different of learning styles. It is totally
proves of importance vary activities for students in teaching. That not only
means the students are different of learning styles, but it also assist students
to develop skills. For instance, cognitive, effective and social skills.
Therefore, it is an important point of the teacher be aware of vary
activities in teaching. That is because, it promotes lots of positive sides in
the education as general. Such as, it helps to create effective classroom

environment, less students misbehave, improve students' skill and motivate

students to keep challenging and going on.
Another significant factor is that it implements lesson plan in wise way
for students. It is completely mean that students able to achieve learning
objective at the end lesson with acquiring lots of the skills and experiences.
It is important matter of the teacher must realize that lesson plan is not
make planning how to teach lesson for students. For instance, some teachers
believe that lesson plan is just reflecting what she or he is going to teach.
However, the lesson plan is to measure skills how students involve more in
learning. It is known that it implements lesson plan is not easy work, but it
needs lots of thinking deeply to achieve target at the end with following all
5E'S in teaching. Indeed, there is steps that the teacher must follow in
teaching. That is because it promotes teacher to achieve whatever she or he
wants while implementing lesson plan. I think that the teacher must be
careful while planning lesson to implement with students. That is because, if
one of 5 ES stage fails it is sure will affect negatively on other stages in
worse ways to achieve the objective at end. The most effective point is the
teacher must be aware of selecting appropriate activity for each stage. It
means that each stage has appropriate activity that promote stage as well.
Such as, the engagement is the first stage that must be involved students to
pay attention in learning as a whole class. Let's suppose that teacher does
boring activity for students like open book to read the title of the lesson.
Surely, this way make students be bored to complete the lesson. A great
teacher who create creative activity that make students be hyper super to
start learning. An example, watching a short video, storytelling and do
moving activity like that! Indeed, that students admire of using these
example of ways to engage students, because it helps them to involve and
excited them to learn. Next stage is building knowledge, that teacher can
apply learning center for students. It means, the teacher gives each group
instruction card with activity. So, the students should explore and learn by

themselves through using instruction card to follow steps and do activity. In

this way students learn doing by themselves that assist students to build
knowledge and skills. It also support formative assessment that help
students to acquire skills in progress as well. Then, it is explaining stage that
the teacher can apply activity to show for students what they did in
exploring. It means promoting knowledge and obtain the concept of the
lesson. Otherwise, the students can carry out this stage by presenting their
works. For instance, make discussing. Thus, it means that both of teacher
and students can do this stage and it is better if the students explain concept
as first as teacher. That is because, it reflects the main understanding for
students to the teacher. It is completely assist teacher which way to explain
the concept for students. After that, it is elaborating stage to promote
concept in deep ways for students. It is effective ways that teacher applies
creative activity for students like doing something by their hands rather than
open book to answer question as usually does that. In my point of view is the
teacher can apply hand activity for students to make them be excited, then
she or he can require them to answer question on book. Finally, last stage is
evaluating that means measuring the concept of the students if they able to
achieve learning objective of lesson or not. Thus, the teacher can do
summative assessment to measure their understanding in lesson. Such as,
giving students small question cards to answer question or write something
that learnt on care to stick on classroom wall as well. I think that stick on wall
is better way, because it encourages students do their best and promote
classroom environment in learning as well. There are many ways of
summative assessment that teacher can do it.
In total, I think that all these factors that reflected are considered the
most significant for students. That helps them to grow and be fruitful tress at
the end year as well. It is important step of teacher makes planning before
start creating garden.