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Conditions required for increasing trust:

• Support/technology encouragement from administration to staff

• Being able to model/real world based professional development
• If the teachers had more time for lesson planning and development
• Money to continue increasing levels of available technology
equipment in the classrooms
• Better school wide morale
• Using tech leaders more to lead their cohorts in all technology based
applications and integration
• Continuous professional development/learning opportunities for
4. Conditions Within your myself
Power to influence or
Better utilization of tech leaders 5. Conditions Outside
Lobbying for campus funds for 1. Level of your Power to Influence or
technology Change:
Modeling use of technology in
_97%____ Poor school wide morale – to
real world/classroom professional an extent
development Teacher/administration time
Continuing excellent customer spent on testing prep/test taking
service Lack of teacher planning time
Maintaining a positive Scheduling of teachers time at
professional attitude with the staff school and district level
Continue professional Lack of teacher professional
development/learning responsibility
Staff feeling of autonomy
3. Factors Preventing the Conditions for Trust: Some administrative issues
Poor school wide morale regarding technology
Teacher/administration time spent on testing prep/test taking – benchmarks, TPRI,
Lack of professional responsibility felt by teachers in regards to professional
development, curriculum or technology changes
Lack of planning time for teachers due to other meetings or requirements
Administrator who doesn’t want to know more about technology and therefore doesn’t
promote it
Another administrator who claims to know technology but won’t accept help, advice or
training. Won’t keep school wide communications current
Staff feeling of autonomy from other schools and Central Office initiatives