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Graduated Difficulty of Microorganisms

EQ: What types of microorganisms are found in the world and what are their effects?
Directions: Choose the option that BEST helps YOU learn about microorganisms. After you
complete one option to its fullest potential, you may work on another task! :)

Name:___________________________ Studio: _____

Option A
1. Learn about the organelles in bacteria and their function here:
2. Create an output chart like the one used when learning about plant and animal
3. After completeing the output chart, play the bacteria game

Option B
1. Read the Science Up Close Graphic on p. 242-243 in your science textbook.
2. Recreate or design your own graphic as seen in the textbook. Be sure to display
the same information.
3. Your audience is a classroom of 3rd graders that need to learn all about the
parts of a cell!

Option C
1. Create a Mini-book that describes the relationship between microorganisms and
their hosts.
2. Include a glossary that contains five domain specific words.

Option D
1. Read p. 248-249 in your science textbook
2. Design a pamphlet, flyer, dance, song, video, etc. that advertises a new
"Designer Bacteria", like the one in your science text.
3. Your goal is to sell to the Designer Bacteria to the United States Government.
4. Make sure that you include five domain specific words that show the CDC
(Centers for Disease Control) that you mean business.

Option E
1. Read p. 260-261 in your science textbook.
2. Write a letter to Emory University comparing the scientists featured in your
science text. 3. Write two paragraphs that convey the information in your text,

and recommend one to be hired by their University.