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Software Review,

Emerging Technology,
and Innovative Uses
Kaitlyn Jones
Edu 214-1002
20 February 2016

Software Review
O Name of reviewer: Kaitlyn Jones
O Software title: Qualcomm QLearn
O Publisher: Qualcomm Education
O Cost per single license/lab pack/site license?
O The app is free

O Computer compatibility/system requirements:

The software is in app format and is

compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
O Appropriate grade levels: all grade levels
O Brief description of the software: The
software is an educational portal made to
keep students and teachers connected.

Software Review
O Curriculum

areas the software meets or addresses:

The software is made to fit any and all curriculums
O What are the strengths and weaknesses of the
software? The strengths are that it allows for students
and teachers to stay connected on a simple interface
and that it allows for teachers to adjust the curriculum
as they get feed back on the students work. The
weaknesses are that since it is still relatively new the
app glitches and it has limited compatibility.
O How long did it take you to become familiar with the
program? An hour at most.
O How long might it take students? Why? I think
students will figure out the software in less than thirty
minutes since the app is straight forward and there
are less features for students.

Software Review
O Rate the program according to the following

O SA = Strongly Agree A= Agree D=Disagree NA=Not Applicable
O SA Program has educational value:
O SA Program is free from stereotypes:
O A Content is of interest to students:
O SA Information is presented clearly and logically:
O SA Graphics, & audio contribute to the educational value:
O A Students would enjoy using this program:
O SA Program gives appropriate feedback:
O A Students control the program's rate:
O SA Documentation is clearly written:
O SA Teacher's guide is useful:
O SA Program in progress can be easily saved or exited:
O SA Program is user friendly:
O SA Skill levels can be adjusted by the user/instructor

Software Review
O Additional Reviewer Comments:

This program is made to be

adjusted by the teacher. The
program can have whatever the
teacher chooses to add
therefore the way the students
react to the software is based on
how the teacher chooses to use
it. It is meant to keep students
engaged in and out of the

Emerging Technology
O The emerging technology I found was the Oculus

Rift. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset

that allows users to be placed into games or
locations. The Rift costs $599 and comes with
the headset, sensor, remote, cables, controller,
and two games. In the classroom the Rift would
be used for virtual field trips. The school would
save money in the long run on pricey field trips.
Instead the students can put on the headset and
go to a certain destination or education game.
Additional content can be purchased on the

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Innovative Uses
O Many colleges are beginning to use twitter

during lectures. At the University of TexasDallas a history professor began using twitter
in her 90 person lecture. She found that the
class was too big for real conversations so
she began to have the students use twitter.
During the lecture students would post
messages or ask questions which were then
displayed on a screen at the front of the
class. The professor found that this
encouraged students to get involved.

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