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Dear Parents/Guardians,

March marks Mountainviews Goal Setting Month. We are taking time to discuss with students the importance of
goal setting, and how learning the process of goal setting will aid in moving your child further personally,
academically, and socially. This is what is happening this month:
Morning Announcements: Each morning in March, the Morning Announcement teams will announce
different goal setting information about the importance of setting goals. Students will learn different ways to
plan for their goals, as well as how to prioritize those goals at school and at home.
In the classroom:

Homeroom teachers will receive resources and activity ideas about goal setting for their morning
meeting discussions.

The School Counselors will be doing developmental guidance lessons on:

Preschool will participate in _____ activity

Kindergarten will participate in The Magic Hat activity

1st Grade will participate in the Goal Setting Superheroes Soar to New Heights activity

2nd Grade will participate in the Hot Air Balloons Soar- So Can We activity

3rd Grade will participate in the Be S.M.A.R.T., Set Goals activity

4th Grade will participate in the Stepping Up The Ladder activity

5th Grade will participate in the Cheering Yourself Towards Your Goal activity.

For Students: This month our school wide goal is aimed towards increasing attendance. Each grade
level will be working towards increasing their overall attendance in hopes to gain the ultimate prize
for their grade level. Calendars documenting the students progress will be posted for each grade level
and a comprehensive calendar will also be used to document the students progress.

Why Its Important to Start Early:

Starting the goal setting process at a young age will improve future planning skills which is very
beneficial to your child throughout life

Children are able to participate in goal setting in varying ways dependent on their age group. Here are
some ways your child can understand goal setting:
o Pre K: children are learning basic learning skills, pick a goal like learning shapes and colors
o Kindergarten: children are grasping basic school skills, pick a goal like coloring neatly and learning
all the letters in the alphabet
o 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade: children understand school skills, pick a goal like not talking
until work is completed
o 4th and 5th grade: children are able to self-reflect and create a goal for themselves. These goals should
be very specific with a timeframe for when the child wants to achieve their goal
Create a goal and lay out steps on how to achieve that goal
Share some of your goals and explain the steps you took to achieve those
Make a detailed goal chart with the goal, starting/ending date, how to get to the goal (be specific)
Help your child keep track of their progress through a goal log

Goal Setting Resources:
Great site on why to start early with some tips on how to create goals
This site has real athletic stars explaining what a goal is, how important goals are, and
how to achieve a goal for kids.
Please reinforce and discuss the importance of goal setting development with your child at home. Any further
information or questions please forward to Shadia DelVitto or Mike Ryan, School Counselors at 304-291-9255. Thank
Created by Bethany Bealko and Sabrina Garzione
WVU Intern(s)
Leah Skrypek
WVU Intern
Mrs. Shadia DelVitto
Mr. Mike Ryan
School Counselors