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Izzy Balvin

St. Dominic School

Grade 5
Solar Energy
People with solar panels dont usually count on the power grid. Read my paragraph and
youll see why. We are using too much fossil fuels and bad things are happening to the earth.
Things like animals are losing their homes and are dying. I think we should use solar energy to
help this problem, like with using solar panels. There are many good things that happen when we
use solar energy.
The sun has rays that come down to the Earth to produce energy for solar panels. Using
solar panels is a great idea for the environment because the solar panels are made by sand and
plexiglass. Also it will be around forever, and you cant ever get rid of the sun. The sun has
produced energy for billions of years. Therefore, when youre using it you can never use too
much, but solar panels will only work when the sun is out, so make sure you have a good spot for
them. Solar energy is a good way to help stop climate change because it doesnt give off carbon
dioxide and carbon dioxide is bad for the Earth and it also produces climate change. The amount
of the sun in one day could supply the world for 27 years!
Some people say that solar energy is bad but I dont agree. There are some really good
things about solar energy. It is safe, and it saves burning coal for electricity. It is also very
healthy for the environment, because it doesnt produce water or air pollution. If we were to use
extra energy we would get charged for it, but if we have solar panels and dont use extra the
energy, we wont be spending the money. Any extra energy we use will go back to the power
company. Solar is also a renewable resource therefore we cannot run out of it, because the sun

shines everyday. Only a small fraction of the Earth is using solar panels and I dont think that is
good because that is wrecking our Earth by using fossil fuels and this is the only Earth we have.
There are many good things about solar but there are also some bad things about it. It
takes a lot of work to get solar panels up, and to use them in the winter you have to scrape off all
the snow without wrecking them. They also cost a lot of money. In Minnesota as it is cold most
of the time so it wouldnt be as useful, In Arizona where it is hot everyday you would save a lot
of energy. If you live in a polluted or cloudy area these solar panels will not have as much
efficiency, because the sunlight wouldnt come through as well.
As I have shown, there are many positive things and negative things about solar. If you're
a person that doesnt care about our home, the Earth, which I hope youre not, dont waste time
with solar energy, but if you do like the Earth then I would recommend solar power for you. I
hope you pick solar as your energy source just like me!
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Josie Helgeson
St. Dominic School
Grade 5
Solar Energy
Do you ever wonder how you get light and heat in your house? According to Wikipedia
about 40% of Americans use Solar Energy. I believe that we should use solar energy because
solar can be used to heat many things and it doesnt harm the environment. Also it is renewable,
because it comes from the sun.
Solar energy works when Photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells, come from the sun
and are changed into electricity. Using a control device to convert electricity, you can heat your
homes and power electrical devices. Then the electricity passes through a breaker box to the
electrical outlets. Places like Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado mostly use solar energy
because they have a lot of sunlight. Even if its not sunny you can still get your power,
Solar energy is great for many reasons: It is renewable, so you cant run out of it. It can
provide the entire worlds energy needs for 27 years! Solar energy works all the time and
everywhere in the world. Also it doesnt harm our planet, and it will stop climate change and
conserves the earth. It doesnt use a lot of energy.
I understand others when they say they dont like solar energy, however I think its great!
It uses the sun, and its renewable. Some other types of energy arent renewable and that may
cause climate change, but solar is. One disadvantage of solar energy is that solar panels, which
convert sunlight to energy, are expensive. Over time you will save money by not having a
heating bill.
Again, I think solar energy is a great. I love how it works and that it doesnt harm the
earth. I think we should all use it as our energy in our homes and buildings.

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Marie Labenski
St. Dominic School
Grade 5
Solar Energy
Have you ever wondered how solar energy gets into your house to power it and give
electricity? Earlier in the year, our class did an energy audit to measure how many watts are
used to power all of our lights, appliances, iPad, and phone chargers. We use a lot of electricity in
our everyday lives, and switching to solar energy will help make us save energy. Read on and
you too, can be one of the many people to join solar energy, in a fight over pollution, climate
change, and greenhouse gases.
Solar panels get their energy from the sun. The solar energy doesnt travel through any
power lines, because it comes straight from the sun. Solar energy is quick. The energy produced
by the sun is sent to your inverter, which converts the sun energy into AC electricity, powering
your lights and appliances.
I think we should use solar energy because it is way better for our planet, it is renewable,
and it doesnt cause pollution. I also think that many people should use renewable because all the
renewable resources we wont run out. Non-renewable resources such as coal, and fossil fuels
are not good for our planet. They also cause pollution when they are burned for energy. I want
people to use renewable energy because it doesnt cause pollution, harm to wildlife, or
radioactive waste. Nuclear energy can also be hazardous because it creates nuclear waste. Solar
is available everyday and it doesnt cause any problems with our environment.
Some people criticize solar energy because it is more expensive, but what they dont
know is it harms our environment. However, I personally would rather pay more to conserve
and preserve our planet. I realize that it is more expensive, and you dont want to waste your

money, but really youre not wasting any time or money, what you are doing, is helping our
environment stay healthy, and clean. Even though it costs more initially, after a few years, you
can save money on your home energy bill. Some of our favorite animals are dying because of our
poor environmental choices, and I dont know if you know this but climate change is a very
serious thing. You might think the warmer weather is nice, but more and more animals in the
Arctic are dying of because glaciers are melting and the animals, such as polar bears, are going
to drown.
There are many ways you can help the environment including solar energy. For example,
if you see some trash when you are outside, its not that hard, just pick it up. If you are changing,
and your clothes dont smell that dirty, then dont put them in the wash. If you are washing your
hands, be sure to turn off the sink right away. Finally, talk to your family about investing in solar
energy. In conclusion, switch to solar energy, and our environment will be strong and healthy.
Make good choices for the environment and of course, for our future.
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