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A. Which object produces a sound? Circle and write.

(8 marks)






Match the animals with their sounds.

(4 marks)

5. bird



6. snake



7. dog



8. bee




How old is Sally? A Six years old B Seven years old C Eight years old 10. ducks and chickens on his farm. (10 marks) Hi! I am Sally. He keeps cows. buses and motorcycles 11. Read the passage about Sally. A father B mother C grandfather 12. The sounds of vehicles are made by ____________. I am a Year 1 pupil at SJK (C) Hong Teik. 9. ducks and chickens B drums. buses and motorcycles in the city. A cows. I can hear the sounds of vehicles everywhere. My parents and I live in a big city. Circle the correct answer. guitars and pianos C cars. There are many cars.C. Where do you think Sally’s grandfather lives? A In the city B In the zoo C In the village 2 . He has a farm. I can hear different sounds of farm animals there. Sally’s ________________ has a farm. My parents and I visit my grandfather at the weekend.

A roar B moo C quack D. (5 marks) 14 15 16 17 18 3 . Below are the sounds that Sally can hear on the farm except __________. Count and colour.13.

Trace the correct words (5 marks) 19 20 21 22 23 4 .E.

24 27 30 33 G.Fill in the blanks with ‘ o ‘ . ‘ g ‘. Write “ True” or “False”. ‘ c ‘ or ‘ k ‘. (6 marks) 5 . (12 marks) 26 25 28 29 31 32 34 35 F.

My name is Danny.Danny’s class teacher always wear a tie to school. Checked by.P.M. Danny’s class teacher wears a uniform to school.THEVAKEE) HEAD OF PANEL _______________ (PN. 41.Danny’s class teacher is Mrs.Danny is seven years old. 36. Prepared by. 40.S.Rajan. 39. I wear T-shirts and shorts. Approved by. I study at SJK (T) Bambu.Danny studies at SJK (T) Bambu. Sometimes he wears a tie. At home. He is tall and thin. He wears shirts and trousers to school. My class teacher is Mr.NALALAGI) ENGLISH TEACHER _____________ (PN.Danny always wears T-shirts and shorts to school.RAJASWARI) HEADMISTRESS 6 . I am in Year 1 Biru. I wear a uniform to school. ____________ (PN. 37.Rajan. 38.