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Conditional Sentences - Type 0, I, II & III

1. If you ___ (heat) the water to 100 degree, it ___ (boil)
2. She wasn’t here on the last holiday. She ____________ (come) to our party if
she ______________ (be) here on the last holiday.
3. We will be late. If she _____________ (hurry / not), we __________ (miss)
the bus.
4. If you _________(cut) your finger, it _________ (bleed).
5. If the temperature ___________ (drop) to zero degree, you _________ (feel)
6. He doesn’t reach the goals. If he ________ (try) harder, he
__________(reach) his goals.
7. If you (go)___________ out with your friends tonight, I ______(watch) the
football match on TV.
8. I __________ (earn) a lot of money if I __________(get) that job.
9. Those shoes don’t very fit on me . I _________ (buy) these shoes if they
___________ (fit).
10. We missed the news. If we ________(listen) to the radio, we _____(hear)
the news.
11. You like the shoes very much but you don’t buy those shoes. If I ________
(be) you, I ________ (buy) the shoes.
12. He never studies before going to the class. If he (study) ________ before
going to the class, he (answer) _______ the quiz correctly.
13. I fell and broke my leg. If you __________ (switch) on the lights, you
____________(fall / not) over the chair.
14. I'll be back tomorrow if there isn’t a plane strike.
15. He'll accept the job if the salary is not too low.