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21St April 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,
On The 18th of May 2016 our class will be visiting the Western Australian
Maritime Museum as part of or History unit.
Date: Wednesday 18th of May 2016
Venue: The Western Australian Maritime Museum
Location: Victoria Quay, Fremantle, Western Australia, 6160, Australia.
Contact number: 1300 134 081
Time: Depart school: 10:45am, Arrive back at school 2:05pm.
Supervising teachers:
Teachers: Miss Mollie Forbes (0434 567 892) and Miss Jazmin Ullrich
(0434 321 654),
Special Needs Education Assistant: Tennille Burt (0416 098 432)
Parent Helper: Sally Moore (0434 952 351)
Purpose of the Excursion:
As per the Western Australian Curriculum Year 6 History is focused on
students being able to
 Record selected information and/or data using a variety of methods,
 Use criteria to determine the relevancy of information
 Interpret information and/or data collected
 Identify different points of view/perspectives in information and/or
data Develop a variety of texts, based on information collected from
source materials
 Reflect on learning, identify new understandings and act on findings
in different ways
Our unit of work based around the Maritime excursion and our Pre and
Post Activities designed with the aid of a WebQuest, allows students to
able to develop and improve their Historical skills listed above.
The excursion itself links directly to the Western Australian curriculum
ACHHK115 - Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia
(including from one Asian country), the reasons they migrated (e.g. push–
pull factors) and their contributions to society.
Travel arrangements:
As St Patricks Catholic Primary School is located a close 12 minutes away
from the Western Australia maritime museum. The class will be catching
the free Red Cat Bus to the venue with careful safety precautions in place,
which departs from High street after Queen Street only a short 1 minute
walk from St Patricks.

 Students must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear.  Teachers are to ensure students show safe.  Teachers to ensure students stay within allocated footpaths and paved areas. cooperative and respectful behaviour on the Red cat bus  Do not proceed with excursions during thunderstorms or unsafe weather conditions.  Students to bring sun-protection and wet-weather gear.  Supervisors to ensure fully charged and functional mobile phones are carried at all times.The safety precautions the school has in place are as follows:  Teachers to maintain close supervision of groups throughout the program – students must remain with Supervisors at all times. Itinerary: Time Activity 8:45-10:40 Morning News Morning fitness Spelling/reading rotation Recess 10:40 – 11:00 Travelling time 11:00-11:15 Rules and expectations .

a normal packed recess will be sufficient for students. Special needs Education Assistant Tennille Burt. All adults/supervisors on this excursion will have there mobile phones with them if any form of contact is needed. as well as classroom teachers will however have an assigned group they will supervise. Parent helper Sally Moore. toilet break 12:00-1:00 Museum activity: Suitcase Stories 1:00-1:15 Toilet break/ afternoon snack 1:15-1:45 Tour of the Maritime Museum 1:45 -2:05 Travelling time. Special clothing or other requirements: Students are to wear: Full sports uniform Hat Sneakers Sunscreen (provided if necessary) . students will be eating there lunch on the paved area at the museum which has a shaded area and seating. the ratio of supervisor to student on this excursion will be 1:6 – 1 supervisor to 6 students. back to School 2:05-3:00 Toilet break Short reflection/class discussion on the day overall Pack up/home time Supervision to be provided: Classroom teachers Miss Mollie Forbes and Miss Jazmin Ullrich will be in charge of the class throughout the day. Any parents that wish to accompany the class on the excursion are more than welcome. The groups will be organised prior to excursion while pre excursion activities are being completed. Lunch: A normal packed lunch will be needed for the excursion. Recess/Lunch instructions: Recess: Recess will be eaten on the school grounds.11:15-12:00 Lunch.

Students will also be wearing a nametag on their shirt which has St Patricks Primary School number as well as supervising teachers contact number incase of an emergency and to take careful precautions. Miss Jazmin Ullrich Miss Mollie Forbes . If you have any queries regarding the excursion please feel free to contact supervising teachers. Kind Regards Miss Jazmin Ullrich Miss Mollie Forbes PARENT PERMISSION SLIP I _____________________________ (parents name) Give/do not give permission for ____________________________ (insert child’s name) for my Child to attend the Excursion to the Western Australian Maritime Museum Parents Signature: Date: Kind Regards.