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Malinak Lay Labi

Malinak lay labi

Oray lay mareen
Mapalpalnay dagem
Ketekep toy linaew
Samit day kugip ko
Binangonan kon tampol
Lapud say limgas mo
Sikan sikay amamayoen
Lalo la bilay
No sikay nanengneng
Naponas lan amin so ermen
Ya akbibiten
No nanononotan co lay
Samit day ugalim
Agtaca nalingoanan
Anggad kaoyos na bilay

The Night is Calm

(Translated by Imelda Caguioa)
The night is calm
A peaceful moment
A gentle breeze
Rolling with fog
So sweet is my dream
Right away I am awaken
Because of your beauty
You and only you I want to cares
Best of all, my life
When I see you
If I recall all through
Your sweet and gentle behavior
I will never forget you
Till the end of my life

This poem is written to express the feeling of someone falling in love

Theme : Love
1. The poem refers to a beautiful that gives him calmness and peace.
Sometimes, people like night because of the peace that it brought.
2. The air is gentle and rolling with fog. Usually at night, we feel very calm because of
the cold temperature.
3. While in a deep sleep, he woke up
4. When he remember the beauty of her love, she always inspire him.
She is the only one he had ever wanted in his life.
5. When he saw his love, all of his sadness and missing fades.
6. When he recall all the memories of the woman he loves,
He remember the fine, simple, sweet and gentle behavior of the woman that has
been a very huge part of his life.
7. The night reminds him of the woman that he will never forget until his last breath.
Whenever the night comes, all the memories of this woman keep coming back in his
Analysis: The poem refers to a peaceful night. It says that the night brought him
beautiful dreams that he will never forget. It tells that the man in the poem is always
inspired because he remembered the woman whom he loves so much, because he
couldnt forget her. He always thinks about his sweet and gentle behavior woman that
has been a very huge part of his life. It also reflects that most of the night, we find peace
and rekindle all the good memories and experiences that makes us strong to continue
our journey for coming day, and to face our future with a lot of courage and hope.