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BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in
Information Technology
Unit 28 Website Production

Assignment 2:Creating a website

Lee Perry

Date set:
Date Due in:

2 Understand the Factors that will influence website performance
3 Be able to design a website
4 Be able to create a website

Grading Criteria:


P3 explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved
in webite performance
P4 using appropriate design tools, design an interactive website
to meet client need
P5 create an interactive website to meet a client need
M2 explain the tools and techniques used in the creation of an
interactive website
M3 improve the effectiveness of a website on the basis of a client
D2 discuss the techniques that can be used on web pages to aid
user access to information
D3 demonstrate that a created website meets the defined
requirements and achieves the defined purpose
Your line manager is impressed with your work and has asked you to
create a new company website


Complete a report that fully outlines the general security risks which threaten the
integrity of data. You should also define the laws and guidelines that the SCL website
has to adhere to. Your report could include screen grabs to evidence your
understanding. Include the following
 Risks
Security protection mechanisms
 Firewalls
 Adherence to standards
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Any method of creation can be used. ensuring compliance with W3C. interactive features. You may also wish to annotate prints of the website. Structure . format of content and cascading style sheets. (P5). Your plan should take the form of annotated drawings which is in line with industry standard design protocol. sourced. building interactivity tools.navigation diagram. two way interactive website. To add more detail to your plan explain tools and techniques that you used to make the website. Your evidence will be the website itself. The website should feature two-way interactivity as well as being multi-age. images and annotation Content . (M2)Make sure you cover the following areas Identification of need  Nature of interactivity  Client needs  User need  End user need TASK 5 .layout pf pages. Your website will include the following minimum areas. audio/visual meta-tagging. Your tutor will complete a statement of authenticity. You must define the requirements and purpose of the site clearly and realistically. (P4).THE WEBSITE BUILDING PROCESS You now need to follow your plan and build the website. cascading style sheets October 2013 Page 2 of 3 . structured for purpose Tools and techniques .proofed.ASSIGNMENT BRIEF BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology Unit 28 Website Production Carry out the planning work for a multi . animation. navigation.

You can evidence this through a series of annotated screen grabs. content & user requirement. Your evidence must show a clear audit trail of changes. This can be evidence through video or audio recording. They should make notes against each area outlined and give you initial feedback on their findings.(D2).ASSIGNMENT BRIEF BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology Unit 28 Website Production Take part in a discussion with your colleague on the techniques that you used to develop the web pages to aid user access to information. audit trail of changes October 2013 Page 3 of 3 . Your review should cover the following areas Review .(M3) You must demonstrate that the website you have created meets the defined requirements and purpose. (D3). user acceptance. They should complete a full dummy run that tests for functionality. You should then respond by making appropriate changes.THE REVIEW PROCESS To prove that the website has been developed to meet client needs you need to organise a review of your work by one of your close colleagues. content check against user requirements.functionality testing. TASK 6 .